BirdDogHR Onboarding Integration

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If enabled, the portal can act as an integration assistant to push completed onboarding records in BirdDogHR to Vista HR Resources and PR Employees.  Here's how it works:

  1. Go To Office Tools > Onboarding Dashboard
  2. Find the employee you want to interface to Vista
  3. Click "Review", then "Ready To Initialize"

5. Complete the fields on the pop up to fill out the additional information that is not collected from the employee in BDHR.

6. Clicking initialize will create the HR Resource using either the given HRRef, or using the next automatically generated HRRef per company.

  • Fields on the Info, Payroll Info, Other Info, Filing Status, Contacts, Notes, Employment History, Salary History will be populated with the corresponding data from BirdDogHR.  
  • A PR Employee will also be created automatically with the matching HRRef.  The Info, Add'l Info, Direct Deposit, Add'l Direct Deposit, Filing Status will be populated with the corresponding data from BirdDogHR.  
  • Any attachments will be migrated to the newly created HR Resource record.

Note: If this is a rehire (i.e. the SSN matches with an existing record), you can specify the original HRCo / HRRef to update the existing record with the newly populated information, or specify a new HRCo / HRRef to create a new resource / employee.

- All direct deposit information will be populated as "Pre-Note"

- The "frequency" for additional direct deposits will be set to 'A'

- If the employee's "Default Earn Code" is amount-based, the value in "Hourly Wage / Salary Amt" will populate in the Salary amount in the PR Employee (Weekly Hours = 0, Hourly Wage = 0).  If the "Default Earn Code" is a standard hourly code, the wage will populate the "Hourly Wage" field on the PR Employee, with the Salary Amt set to 0.




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