Adding Annotations and Stamps to Invoices

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FIRST: Go to Admin > Portal Settings > Review AP Invoices and enable invoice annotations.

SECOND: Decide if you would like to replace non-PDF files with PDF files after adding annotations.

THIRD: Create an Attachment Type ID in DM Attachment Types to use when attaching stamps to Vista. Once created, add the Attachment Type ID to the following portal setting to Review AP Invoices.

You will need to attach the stamps you would like to use to either:

  • HQ Company Setup
  • AP Company Parameters

You will need to do this for each company in Viewpoint using the Attachment Type ID for the stamps. Make sure to add a description to each attachment because this is how they will be labeled in the portal.


Once the stamps have been attached to Vista, you may need to logout and log back in to the portal before they will be available to use. When you go to Approval > AP Invoice Review, you should see this pencil icon (shown in the screenshot below) above the attachment window.


Clicking the pencil icon, will bring up the Add Annotation window. 

1. You can add annotation text by typing in the text box, selecting  font size (S, M, L), and then selecting a color.

2. You can add a stamp by selecting one that is shown.

3. You can select where you would like the text annotation or stamp to place on the attachment.

4. You can select which page you would like the annotation to be placed.

5. After you have made your selection, you can click Add Annotation which adds it to the list of Pending Annotations to the invoice.

6. To save the changes you have made to the invoice, click the Return to invoice button.

7. If you which to cancel any changes you have made, click the Cancel button.


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