Entering Crew Timecard (Job/Phase as Header)

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STEP 1: Select "Crew Timecards"

STEP 2: Entering in your Card

  • Be sure you are in the right Pay Period and Template
  • Enter Information by (A) typing in or (B) Scrolling
  • To Enter Multiple Rows click "Add Row" (C)
    • NOTE: If you do not have access to enter in others please contact your Administrator to make sure you have access. 

  • Cloning your previous Pay Period: To copy the time entered in previously, select the "Actions" Button and then click Clone (D).

  • When cloning allows you to pull the lines and employees from a previous card. When you clone from your crew card you have three options of how to clone: 

    • Clone Entire Timecard: This setting allows you to clone from a previous week's entries. This type of cloning is best for a weekly crew card. 

    • Cone a Specific Day: This type of cloning is best if you are on a daily crew card (meaning you have a template for each day). Select the template you want to clone from and the Clone From Date (NOTE: If you have not yet entered time on the template you are trying to clone from there will be nothing in the Clone From dropdown)

    • Clone by Employee(s): This allows you to select which employees you want to add to your timecard. They do not have to have been on your previous timecard, as long as you have permission to enter for them. 


  • Deleting a row: To Delete the row select the "Delete" Button at the end of the row (E)


STEP 3: If you have Time Worked enabled for crew time card, you can record the start and stop times for your crew by clicking on the clock icon.

This will bring up the Crew Time Worked window which has two sections:

Group Clock In/Out where you can add start and stop times for the whole group.

And Time Worked By Employee where you can view, modify and add start and stop times to individual employees.

STEP 4: Modifying Columns

  • To change which Jobs and Phases are on your timecard click the Actions Button and select "Modify Columns

  • Select Job/Phase Combined 
  • Type in at least three letters or three numbers to search for your job

  • After you have selected your job the phase dropdown will show only the phases on this job. 

  • Click Add To Timecard and then Apply Changes to finish modifying your card. 

STEP 5: Saving & Submitting your Timecard 

  • Before leaving the time card page be sure to save your card. 

  • If your card is not filled out properly, you will receive an error. In the example below the user is missing a phase code. 


  • Submitting your card: 
  • Go to Actions > Submit All


  • If signature is required for Crew Timecards, you will need to 1. select on employee on your crew card, then 2. click actions, and 3. select Submit.
  • You will see the following pop up. Have the employee you have selected: 1. click Yes, I Confirm (that they agree with the statement shown). 2. sign their signature (that they agree with the statement shown) 3. Submit their timecard.




Here's a short video showing how to submit a Crew Timecard.



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