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Updated as of 01/10/2017




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  • Personal Info Settings is now called “Request Settings” under the Admin Dropdown

  • Updated Log-in Screen: The log-in screen has been reformatted for improved mobile styling and incorporation of new log in options.
    NEW Portal Setting! Enable Field Mode Login: This setting will allow a “Field Mode” button to appear. When a user logs in on field mode they will not be able to access personal modules such as: Personal Info, Earnings, Benefits.

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Security/Login

  • Improved Time-Out Handling on Approve Requests Grid & Portal Settings Pages

  • NEW Portal Setting! Include Checklists in Default Profile: When turned on all new users (users added to Viewpoint) will have access to checklists by default in the portal. You may choose to un-check this setting or un-check individual users access in the User Access Page.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Use the “Email” field from Active Directory as Login Name in Windows Login Mode (not common): This setting allows you to Use the Email from Active Directory for Windows Log-in instead of the user name (Ref. # 6035)

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Security/Login

  • Bird Dog Integration now available: For those who use BirdDogHR for Onboarding, we now have an optional add on that allows you to initialize new employees from Bird Dog to Vista. Contact Support for pricing details (

  • Improved handling with Multi-page TIF file upload throughout portal

  • Search added to Portal Settings! At the top of the Portal Settings page there is now a search! When you type in a word of phrase on the main portal setting page, the page will filter to the sections with portal settings within your search.

  • Portal Counts in Portal Settings will now only reflect active portal users for AP

  • Hardened Complex Password Requirement: The new requirement is 8 characters and 3 out of the 4 conditions: uppercase character, lowercase character, number and special character. (Ref. # 6207)

    • This will only affect users creating new passwords, it will not affect current users.

    • The complex password requirement can be turned off with the setting “Enforce Complex Password Requirement” Portal Setting

  • NEW Portal Setting! Custom Welcome Message Text on Login Screen: You can now add a Rich Text welcome Message on Login Screen

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Security/Login

  • Job Data Security: Use (C)ontract or (J)ob security for data dropdown filtering (NEW Portal Setting!) – This setting allows you to choose if the portal’s Data security settings will follow your bJob Security or bContract security in Vista (Ref. #5928)

  • Improved Active & Inactive User Access filtering: You may now click on a filter to show just inactive, just active or both on the User Access Page.

  • Improved speed with loading portal settings for large Employee datasets (Ref. # 5993)

  • Portal Setting Saving behavior: You will now see a green confirmation letting you know your portal setting was changed

  • You can now add tags to include user’s name in the Welcome message (Ref. #5986)

    • Use [firstname] and [lastname] in your text and they will appear in text for Portal Setting “Welcome message Shown on Home Page After Logging In”

  • Security Pin Override Name now will show in change password watermark (Ref #6108)

  • NEW Portal Setting! Disable portal access immediately after user is terminated: When this setting is turned on users who are no longer active in viewpoint will lose their access to the portal. If you leave this setting off users will have access to Earnings and Personal Info unless you turn off their access in User Access.

    • NOTE: Keystyle does not charge for inactive user access.

    • Setting Location: Admin – portal settings, Security/ Admin

  • When Benefits is turned on, it will always be added to a user’s hotlist.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Password Reset Preferences: E = Email Only; S -SMS Only, ES = Email if populated, SMS secondary; SE = SMS if populated, Email Secondary (Ref. # 4953)

    • NOTE: In order for SMS to work in your portal you must set it up, see documentation Configuring SMS

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Update My Personal Information

  • All Craft/Classes will appear in Manage Employee Group Drop Downs (even if they are not yet assigned to employees in viewpoint) (Ref. # 6238)



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  • You can now set a document to “Never” expire.




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  • NEW Portal Setting! Benefit Submit Modal Text: This text appears right after a user has submitted their benefits for approval. (Ref. # 6287 & 5698)

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Update My Benefits

  • NEW Portal Setting! Custom Text: Benefit Pending Request Text: This text appears after a user has submitted their qualifying event benefit window request.

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Update My Benefits

  • NEW Portal Setting! Log record of benefit request actions in HR Employee History: This setting allows you to enable or disable the logging of benefit requests actions in HR Employee History within Vista. This was previously always set to “on”.

  • Added support for spaces in Benefit Codes for Input Settings Per Benefit Type

  • Added “Email Enrollment Reminder” to Action button on Employee in Benefits Dashboard.

  • Improved Rejection Behavior: When rejecting an benefit request you can now only reject one Benefit Election at a time

REMINDER: When you reject a Benefit Request all other requests for that individual will be removed from the Benefit Approval Page (as users may choose to change the other elections).

  • Employee Number added to Benefit Approval Page (Ref. # 6250)

  • Improved Employer Cost Behavior on Closed Window Summaries (Ref. #6166)

  • Increased size of Option Dropdown on closed and open windows (Ref.# 6165)

  • Improved Behavior in Benefit Assignment, Dashboard & Approval pages.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Frequency Code of deactivated deductions and liabilities: When a user declines coverage for this benefit code OR they switch benefit plans, this frequency code will replace the existing frequency code.

NOTE: You should choose a frequency code that will never be processed in payroll (Ex: I for inactive or N for never).

  • Improved behavior on “Keep Existing” in step 3.

  • Export All Pending Requests to Excel button added to Benefit Approval Page

  • Improved Confirm Benefit Submission Signature Text (Ref. # 5646)

  • Employees can now view “My Qualifying Event History” (same as Audit Report in Benefit Dashboard).

NOTE: If the portal setting “Allow users to request a benefits window for qualifying events” is turned off users will not see this button.

  • You can now see qualifying event attachments during approval as well as during the window

  • Updated Portal Setting Input Settings Per Benefit Type (Each benefit type is separated by semi-colon) where 1= yes and 0= no CODE: [A,F,P - Input mode (see helper text)],[0,1,2 - Read Only, 0 Editable; 1 Read Only; 2 Hide Options],[0,1 - Attachments Allowed],[0,1 - Dependents Shown],[0,1 -Beneficiaries Shown],[0,1 - Allow Free Input of Beneficiary Names],[0,1 - Notes Required on Decline Coverage] EXAMPLE: Med:A,0,1,1,0,0,1;Dental:F,0,1,1,0,0,1

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Update My Benefits



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  • Improved Auto-Century handling for Birth Date Entry – When entering in two digits for a year, if the digits are 69-99 the portal will automatically add a 19. For digits from 00-68 will add “20”. Users can still type in the full year and you may also override manually in approval

  • Added Notes to Reject Dependent Action (Ref. #6069)



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  • Added support for paystubs stored using Paperless Environments.


Location: Office Tools, Paystub Tools

  • Page has been reformatted for easier navigation

  • SMS Paystub Distribution can now be filtered by individual CM Ref (Ref. # 5888)

  • There is now a preview pop-up to show who will receive the SMS paystub notification before sending.

  • New feature to allow direct download for W-2’s, T-4’s, and 1095-C’s for opted-out employees



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  • NEW Portal Setting Automatically Capitalize Address Fields on Personal Information Updates

    • Address, Address 2 and City

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Update my Personal Information

  • NEW Portal Setting Restrict attachments on W-4 updates to PDF file types only

    • Setting Location: Admin, Portal Settings, Update my Personal Information

  • NEW Portal Setting Phone Mask for Personal Information Updates:This setting allows you to auto format phone number entry.

    • Add phone formatting pattern to auto format user input. Use the digit “9” to represent a number, i.e (999)999-9999

  • Filter by Employee improved on Personal Info Approval Page

  • Customer Regex Validation now available for Personal Info Fields: This field allows you to add advanced validation per field, enforcing patterns such as all caps, specific address and number formatting etc.

    • Found in Admin, Request Settings for the Personal Info and Dependent Modules.

    • If you are not familiar with RegEx but would like to have some customization contact our support team ( for consulting options.



For updated documentation on this module click here: LINK


  • NEW Portal Setting! Ignore User Access Manager from Timecard Approval: This setting will turn off the Timecard Manager Role from the Manager’s set-up in User Access (allowing them to only approve Time-off).

  • NEW Portal Setting! Text for “Explain Your Grievances” on Timecard Submission: You can now edit the text just above where users sign their timecards. (Ref. 6228)

  • Adjustments to Manage Timecard Roles:

    • Changed name! Now called “Manage Approval Roles”

    • Added Time-off permissions “Can Approve Time-Off Requests”

    • Can choose if those who enter can see timecard history. “Can Enter Timecards For (Hide Timecard History)” (Ref. # 6102)

  • NEW Portal Setting! SM-Pay Types to Accept Amount Based Entry for Expense Input: By entering in the SM Pay Types number you can choose which SM Pay Types will enter amounts vs hours in the portal (similar to Earn Codes to accept amount based entry for Expense Input).

  • NEW Portal Setting! SM Standard Timecard: Pay Types to Exclude from Time Worked Subtotal Validation

  • NEW Portal Setting! Treat PR Group Security/PR Group Connect as Approvers: If you have PR Group Security set-up in viewpoint or if you are using PR Group Connect (portal Setting) you can use this setting to limit them access to Approve and Edit Timecards.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Filter out unapproved timecard emails if the “Begin Date” of the Pay Period is in the future

  • You can now use Large Dataset setting for Employee in Timecard Settings and Crew Timecard Settings pages (Ref. # 6028)

  • Improved speed in Timecard Approval Page (Ref. # 5966)

  • Timecard Approval Page now has Status Filter (Ref. # 5927)

  • Batch Timecard Move: This new page for the Timecard Admin allows you to move time from a portal batch into a separate viewpoint batch for the same pay period and group.

    1. Select your Company and Pay Period

    2. Select Employees: This will fill with only the employees who have time in this batch. You can choose to select all or select/unselect specific employees

    3. Select Job(s): This allows you to filter only time entered on specific jobs. If you don’t need to filter out for a specific job select “All Jobs”

    4. Status: Here you can filter in or out Approved Timecard Lines, Submitted Timecard Lines, Un-submitted Timecard Lines.

    5. Finalize: After you have filtered out to get the timecard lines you want select the batch (if not already defaulted)

  • Cloning now only respects closed job posting logic on JC Company Parameter for Standard and Crew



    • Job Approval Permissions can now be turned on or off by company in new Crew Timecard Setting Page (Ref#. 4944)

    • NEW Portal Setting! Job Approval: Enable the Split Button: This allows a split line button on the Job Approval page that will allow job approvers to divide one timecard line into multiple for recoding

    • Updated Workflow for Job Rejection: When a Job Approver rejects a line in Job approval the portal will now email the timecard submitter with detail on rejected line items.

    • NEW Portal Setting! Job Approval: Automatically Unsubmit Timecards when Job Approval Lines are rejected.

    • Job Approval Frozen Columns can now be set independently of the Crew Layout in the Crew Timecard Settings Page (Ref. # 6140)

    • Job Approval now supports Expenses too!

    • Can now Track Job Approval in Viewpoint – add the User Defined Field called “udJobApprovalStatus” to PR Timecard Entry (text, 100 characters), Refresh Synonyms on the portal settings page, and the job approval status will be set so you can review from the batch directly (similar to Timecard Approval status)

    • NEW Portal Setting! Auto-Approve Job Approval Lines if Timecard Manager is also Job Manager

    • Improved handling for Job Approval assignments after time has been submitted. (Ref. 6013)



  • NEW Portal Setting! Time Clock: Enable Location Validation on Timecard Approval: Shows Map of Clock-in Clock-out locations in Timecard Approval screen

  • NEW Portal Setting! Time Clock: Enable Clock In/Out with Location Tracking to Auto Fill Time Worked Grid: This setting will use the clock-in / clock out timestamps directly to the time worked grid, instead of free-form entry

    • Users will only be able to clock-in and clock out themselves and will not be able to edit their clock-in clock-out; only their manager or the timecard admin will be able to edit this field.

    • Must have time-worked turned on

    • Users will be able to clock-in clock out from the (a) standard timecard, (b) from the log-in page (if enabled on portal setting), (c) and from the navigation bar.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Time Clock: For Submission Validation, the Number of Minutes the Clock In/Out Time is allowed to differ from Allocated Time: When users use the clock-in clock out features they may not be clocking in at exact times. This setting allows you to determine the number of minutes they can be off (- or +) when allocating time and still submit time.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Time Clock: Enable Clock/In Functionality on the Login Page

    • This will allow users to clock-in and clock out on the log-in page. They enter their employee number, their password and select “Clock In/Out”.

    • If the clocked in earlier they will be clocked out the next time they do this. If they clocked in on Tuesday and clocked out on Wednesday, their time will show that they worked till 11:59PM on Tuesday and then started at 12:00AM on Wednesday – allowing them to clock-in one day and clock out the other while still capturing all hours.

  • Time Worked will now always start with the first day of your pay period.

  • Improved SM Pay Type Handling for Earn Codes


Timecard Dashboard

  • Improved Sorting on Template

  • You now stay on the same pay period after opening a batch



  • Improved Timecard Paging: If your standard timecard has more than 25 rows, the portal will start to page to increasing performance.

  • NEW Portal Setting! Turn Off Auto Calculate Hours for Start Stop Fields (not time Worked)

  • Standard Timecard now automatically jumps to the numeric keyboard when entering hours on mobile devices.

  • Expanded & advanced options for standard timecard settings

    1. Import Settings: After setting up on Company and PR Group you can now copy or Import the settings to another.

    2. Enforce Pay Period Boundaries: Previously set in a portal setting, now more user friendly on the Standard Timecard Settings page.

    3. New Line Post Date Default: This is no longer in the portal settings but can be set-up in the Standard Timecard Settings as well as the Crew Timecard Settings.

    4. Reset Default: If you wish to revert a field to its default settings select ‘Reset to Default’ and any advanced settings will be re-set.

    5. Required: You can now choose which fields are required on your standard timecard.

    6. Width: You can now manually adjust timecard widths (Ref# 2177, 5680)

    7. Dependent Fields: (column a should refresh with column b is changed)

    8. Line Types: You can choose which Line Types this field will appear on (ex: Job will only show on Job & Mechanic cards).



  • Improved behavior for submitted timecard email on crew card. (Ref. #5650)

  • Improved first line type behavior (Ref.#5543)

  • Review & Approve screen added to Crew Manager Approval

  • Improved Large Look-up Mobile Crew Timecard Behavior

  • NEW Portal Setting! Label override for the “Total” Column on Crew Timecard: You can now override the default “Tot” text for the crew timecard total column.

  • New Crew Timecard Settings Page! Almost exactly the same as the new timecard settings, but now distinct to allow for better control across different timecards below are some of the specific features to Crew Timecard Settings page:

NOTE: Unlike the standard timecard, you must fill out the Crew Layout to see the fields on this page.

    1. Frozen Columns (Crew Timecard): This setting, previously on the Crew Layout page, allows you to determine which columns in your crew card are frozen by entering the column number. (NOTE: Only fields in the Row Groups will be frozen).
    2. Job Approval Enabled: You can choose which Company/PR Group combination’s crew card will submit time for Job Approval
    3. Frozen Columns (Job Approval): Just like the Frozen Columns for the crew timecard, this allows you to freeze certain columns for Job Approval.
    4. Time Worked Enabled: Previously only available on the standard Timecard, you can now enter/modify time worked (or clock-in clock-out) on a crew card:
    • Select the orange clock to:

        • Group clock In/Out: Allows you to clock-in for everyone on your crew card.

        • Time Worked By Employee: This allows you to see and enter start stop sequences for specific Employees.

      • When you select a specific employee, you will see that user’s Time Worked Subtotals at the top of the page, making it easier to allocate time for that user.

  • Improved new employee behavior for large crew timecard handling

  • Improved Tabbing between fields

  • NEW Portal Setting! Crew Timecard: Allow Zero Hour Timecard Line: When this setting is enable users can save and submit zero hour timecard lines (Ref. # 5695, 6203)

  • NEW Portal Setting Crew Timecard: Enable Time Worked Validation on Crew Timecard: When turned on crew cards cannot be submitted if clock in clock out subtotal does not match allocation.

  • Managers can now approve timecards that are locked for processing.

NOTE: They will not be able to Unsubmit or Reject while locked or if processed.



For documentation on this module click here: LINK

  • Manage Time Off Holidays: This new page allows you to identify company holidays and assign to employees based on their leave code eligibility. The company holidays are shown on the Time-Off request calendar and cannot be selected for leave.

    • If you need to split out who gets certain holidays simply create a Holiday Group, select which PR leave code they are assigned to and then add a standard holiday or add in your own! ­

  • Improved Time-Off dashboard performance with very large datasets

  • NEW Portal Setting Auto-Select First Leave Code in List: When this setting is turned on when a user is requesting time-off the first leave code will be defaulted in the dropdown.

  • NEW Portal Setting Hide “Projected Days Available” Column in Leave Code Balance Grid: If you do not want to show projections for any of your leave codes this setting will remove this column.

  • Manage Approval Roles (previously Manage Timecard Roles) now allows you to assign Time-Off approvals: You now have another way to assign Time-off Approvals the same way you can set-up Timecard Approvals by group. Located in Admin, Manage Approval Roles.

  • Vacation Admins will now get an email notification when time-off requests do not require approval. (Ref. #6101)



Click here for full documentation LINK

  • NEW Portal Setting Hide Grade on Grid (Ref. # 6212)

    • Setting Location: Admin > Portal Settings > Training

  • NEW Portal Setting Column Name To Pull Expiration Dates for Training Classes (Ref. # 6153)

    • Setting Location: Admin > Portal Settings > Training

    • This setting will allow you to record your Date Expires for Skills and Training in the Portal. You will need to add a custom colum to HR Resource Training to record this information and then enter the column name in this setting.
  • Training Managers can now be assigned in User Access: You can assign a user as a Training Manager in User Access, Field Tools Module. This person would have access to Manage Training Page for everyone but cannot edit

  • Added warning message for Manage Training if your page results expand past 2000, letting you know to refine your search.




For updated documentation on this module click here: LINK

  • Drop down to include specifc user groups for AP Invoice Editing Privileges.

  • NEW Portal Setting Allow AP Approval with missing required fields: Allows users to approve an invoice/line items when required Fields are missing

  • NEW Portal Setting Disable Active Cost Type Filter for Phase Lookup

  • NEW Portal Setting Include Phase on Job Line Invoice Header

  • NEW Portal Setting Job Lookup - Use Standard Dropdown instead of Large Dataset Lookup

  • NEW Portal Setting Show Batch Month on AP Invoice Grid

  • NEW Portal Setting Show Cost Type Description in AP Line Item "Charge To" Field (EP-6204)

  • NEW Portal Setting UD Field Label for Invoice Header Custom Field

  • NEW Portal Setting UD Field Name for Invoice Header Custom Field

  • NEW Portal Setting User Group to Restrict Invoice Editing Privileges: Select a user group (created in Office Tools, Manage Employee Groups) to give them access to all enabled options (add line, edit, delete); Users not in this group will not be able to edit.

  • Error added if Gross amount exceeds remaining committed cost (Ref. 4904)

  • Improved Line Functionality for SL Invoices

  • Added currency formatting to Invoice Review Edit window.

  • Review button added to show SL (sub contract, line type 7) additional detail in a pop-up. If there is an error a red exclamation point will appear next to it as well as an error in the pop-up. (Ref. 5295)




For updated documentation on this module click here: LINK

  • Added support for auto complete in dropdowns

  • For Group Items you can choose “Dropdown (searchable mobile) to make a dropdown (like Job) searchable in mobile.

  • NEW Portal Setting Hide Violation Count Column on Checklist Grid

  • Added a Hide Inactive checkbox to hide items that have been made inactive.



For documentation on this module click here: LINK

  • User defined fields & tabs added in viewpoint will now appear in Daily Reports.

  • Improved handling for user defined field lookups, dropdowns, and data types

  • Added support for job/contract security

  • NEW Portal Setting! Enable Daily Report Submission Feature (Requires UD Field Setup): Must Create udSubmittedBy and udSubmittedOn User Defined Fields on PM Daily Logs for correct functionality

  • Enhanced functionality to better support equipment and equipment firms

  • Added globe on all firm tabs

  • NEW Portal Setting! Daily Report Rebind User-Defined Dropdowns After Every Click: This setting is not recommended unless lookup choices are dependent on other data within the daily.

  • Added support to hide field in Vista to hide them in the portal

  • Added functionality for large data set lookup for Job



  • Added the ability to delete attachments

  • Added responsible person column in main grid



  • Added Phase Code descriptions to the grid

  • Updated user interface to enhance user experience

  • Added a flag to hide phase codes not checked with the item unit flag

  • Fixed an issue with “in use by”



  • SM PO’s! Now Supported!! (Ref. # 5367)

NOTE: You cannot add a regular PO line to an SM PO and you cannot add SM PO’s in Quick Create (only from PO Dashboard)

  • Added currency formatting on relevant fields.

  • NEW Portal Setting! PO Receiving Show Unit Cost in Grid

  • NEW Portal Setting! Purchase Order SSRS Report Override (include .rdl in filename): If you would like to replace the PO report with one that you have edited, place the new filename in this portal setting.

NOTE: All Keystyle SSRS Reports are stored in the Keystyle Web Server: C:\Program Files (x86)\Keystyle Data Solutions\Keystyle Data Solutions\HRIM\BusinessLogic\SSRS

  • NEW Portal Setting! Use Job Auto PO Number: This setting will add the Job number as a prefix to your PO Number. When this setting is turned on Job will appear in the Header of the PO

  • Updated verbiage on submit

  • Added phase filter on Receiving

  • Notes section added to PO Receiving page.




For documentation on this module click here: LINK

  • Library items now sort in alpha numeric sequence based on their display value

  • NEW Portal Setting! Default Document Archive “From Date”: This setting allows admin to set a date that the document archive items show from. If not set, only documents signed or reviewed in the last 3 months will be shown

  • Added handling to allow copy and paste features into bulletins while maintaining the rich text formatting



Now available!! Reach out to your Implementation Specialist for Pricing

Documentation on the module is available here: LINK


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