Clock-in Clock-out Set-up for Standard and Crew Timecards

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This article walks you through the different options for using Keystyle’s clock-in clock-out features for the standard and crew timecard:

Enabling Time Worked

To use the clock-in clock-out features you must turn on the Time Worked in either Timecard Settings or Crew Timecard Settings. This setting is by Payroll Company and Group so you can restrict by timecard type and Payroll Group.

When users enter in their start stop times it will:

  • Fill in Viewpoint’s “PR Employee Daily Time”

  • Users must allocate the time in the lines of the timecard. They will not be able submit their time for approval until the clock-in/out time is allocated.




What if my time doesn’t match up exactly? The portal setting “Time Clock: For Submission Validation, the Number of Minutes the Clock in/Out Time is allowed to differ from Allocated Time” allows you to set the number of minutes they can be off ( - or +) in their allocation and still submit time.

Can I use Location Tracking when I clocked in or out? Yes! The portal setting “Time Clock: Enable Clock In/Out with Location Tracking to Auto Fill Time Worked Grid” will:

  • Allow you to track where a user clocked in or out

  • Users will only be able to clock-in and clock out themselves and will not be able to edit their clock-in clock-out; only their manager or the timecard admin will be able to edit this field.

  • Users will be able to clock-in clock out from the (a) standard timecard, (b) from the log-in page (if enabled on portal setting), (c) and from the navigation bar.

How can I clock-in from the Log-in Page? OR Can I Clock-in without being logged in? Turn on the setting “Time Clock: Enable Clock/In Functionality on the Login Page”

  • This will allow users to clock-in and clock out on the log-in page. They enter their employee number, their password and select “Clock In/Out”.

  • If the clocked in earlier they will be clocked out the next time they do this. If they clocked in on Tuesday and clocked out on Wednesday, their time will show that they worked till 11:59PM on Tuesday and then started at 12:00AM on Wednesday – allowing them to clock-in one day and clock out the other while still capturing all hours

  • If Location tracking is not enabled users will be able to edit their own Time Worked.

How can I see Location Tracking on my Timecard Approval Screen?

  • Turn on the portal setting “Time Clock: Enable Location Validation on Timecard Approval”


Excluding Earncodes From Start Stop. 

  • There is a portal setting called "Earn Codes to Exclude From Time Worked Subtotal Validation" This will allow earncodes that are not applicable to timeworked to be excluded from the validation. Ex: Vacation, Per Diem. 

Allow Entry of Job and Phase on Clock-in: 

  • This allows users to clock-in with a job and phase when they clock-in. To turn on go to the portal setting "Time Clock: Allow entry of Job and Phase on Clock-In" 

  • Users will not be able to allocate or modify their time, instead the Timecard Admin will go to the Timecard Dashboard and select - "Create Line From Clock-ins". This will add the lines to the standard timecard. Once the lines are added the lines are submitted automatically. 

NOTE: Works best if users do not have access to timecards and Approval is done through the Job Approval Option. You can use the Manager but if you create lines daily it will only be submitted to the Manager once and if they approve the card, the card will not be re-submitted, however, lines to the Job Approver will and the Job Approver can be given permission to modify the card without unsubmitting the card. 

How do I turn on Kiosk Mode? 

To put your portal in Kiosk mode, aka allowing users to clock-in and out from a computer without logging in, simply add the following trailing to your current URL: "/Account/KioskLogin"

Users will only be able to log-in or log-out from this page. 

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