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LOCATION: Admin, Portal Settings, My Support Requests

  • Support Enabled

    • If you would like to allow employees to submit support request, you will first have to enable this setting.

    • Once it is turned on, all employees will have access to Employee Tools > Support Requests, where they can send in requests.

    • Managers will then have access to Manage Support Requests (Office Tools) where they can review the requests sent in by employees.

    • Manager will also have access to Manage Support Departments where they can set up the different departments and the managers for those departments.


Manager View:

LOCATION: Office Tools, Manage Support Requests, Manage Support Departments





On this page, you can create different departments that your employees can submit requests to.

  1. You can name the Department in the Department field.

  2. The Assignee Security Group is a VA Security Group that will need to be created filled with users in Vista.

  3. Anyone in the VA Security Group listed will be able to see and resolve support requests that have been submitted.

Only those who are a Portal Admins on the User Access page will have access to the Manage Support Departments page.


Manager View:

LOCATION: Office Tools, Manage Support Requests



On this page, a manager can sort any requests by department or status.

  1. You can select which department requests you would like to view.

  2. You can filter out any requests by selecting a status.

  3. By clicking on Manage Support Departments, you can decide what support departments will be available to employees and who will be able to manage requests for those departments.

  4. By clicking on a request in the grid you can review the details of a request.



Manager View:

LOCATION: Office Tools, Manage Support Requests, Request Details

On this page, a manager can see the details of a request and change any if needed.







  1. You can change the department of the request if it was submitted to the wrong department.

  2. You can assign the request to a specific person in the VA Security Group assigned to the department.

  3. You can also change who submitted the request.

  4. You can change the urgent field to Yes or No.

  5. By updating the status of the request, you can place a request on hold, pending, or resolved.

  6. If you are tracking assets in the HR Resource Master > Assigned Assets tab, they will show in this space on the request. To add more asset choices to your list, you can create them in HR Company Assets.

  7. You can add a note before you submit your changes to the request and if you want to make sure the requester is notified, check the “Notify Requester with these notes” box.

Corresponds with V: 1.11 of the Portal Click here to check for updates LINK

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