How to add ud fields to your Daily Report

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In Viewpoint,  navigate to Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Field Wizard.


Click Add and then click Next.


Next, select the form PMDailyLog. If you want to add your custom field to a different tab on the Daily Report, make sure you select the correct form.


Once you have named your ud field, you can click the next button to go to the next page of the wizard.


Decide how many characters you would like to store in your field if it was a text field.



Label how your custom field will show up.


You can usually skip the Validations section of the UD field.  Click next, and then next. When you finished, click the finish button.


Now that you've created your custom field, let's modify where it shows up.

In Viewpoint, go to Project Management > Programs > PM Daily Logs.

On this screen, right click and select Move Custom Fields.


It will allow you to drag your custom field to where ever you want on the form. Once you're finished, click on Accept in the top right.


To change the order of how your custom field will show up in the Daily Report in the portal, you will need to right click the form in PM Daily Log in Viewpoint again. This time click on input order and then Set Order.



To reorder your custom fields, just set the input order to match the order you would like to see shown in the portal. This will only work for custom fields. There is no way to change the order of the default fields that are already in Viewpoint.


When you're finished click the accept button again.


The last step to make your UD custom fields visible and valid in the portal, will be to go to Admin > Portal Settings > and then click the Refresh Synonyms button.


You will see this warning. Click Proceed.


Your custom fields should now be available in the Daily Report page of the portal! 









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