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As of Version 12, the portal no longer uses SQL Database Mail to coordinate the email notifications sent from the portal.  

The settings are now managed under Admin > Portal Settings > Email Notifications.  

  • Navigate to Admin > Portal Settings > Email Notifications
  • Fill in the following settings with your mail server information

    • Email Setup: Address of the SMTP Host - the IP address / URL of your email host

    • Email Setup: Email address to send emails from (i.e. the email address that users will see in the From field - note that this must match your Login Username if you are not using anonymous authentication)

    • Email Setup: Enable SSL in SMTP (match your mail server set-up - default value: Unchecked)

    • Email Setup: Port used by SMTP server (default value: 587)

    • Email Setup: SMTP Login Password

    • Email Setup: SMTP Login Username 
      • To pass anonymous authentication, leave both the password and username fields blank

    • Email Setup: Timeout length for SMTP (in milliseconds, default value: 100000)


Once you have completed these settings, you can confirm that your email notifications are working by sending a test email. To send a test email:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Mail Log
  2. Click the "Action" button and select "Send Test Email"
  3. Enter a test email addresses and confirm that you have received it.


If you have updated from a version lower than 12 you will need to transition your mail server credentials from the SQL database mail profile to the portal settings. You can find how your mail server was previously set up here:

SQL Database Mail Profile

Please contact Keystyle support if you have any questions. 

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