Setting up Checklist Workflow

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Checklist workflow allows for routing and sharing of checklist data to dynamic groups of individuals, typically upon submission of a checklist.

Here's how you set it up: 

Workflow is established at the checklist template level, and can be overridden for each checklist instance as necessary.  Naviage to Field Tools > Manage Checklist Templates.  Select the template you're looking to modify.

Click the yellow "Workflow" button to show the workflow settings for this template.


On this screen, you can control the default behavior for the workflow of this template.  To enable workflow, click the top checkbox labeled "Enable Workflow For This Template?".  From there, select the default roles to include, and click save.



When a new checklist is created, you'll see a workflow button in the header.  Click this to see who will be notified when the checklist is submitted, based on the roles applies to the template in the previous step.  You can add or remove individuals per checklist on this screen if specific adjustments are necessary.  



Clicking "Notify Reviewers" will send an email to the reviewers that includes a direct link back to the checklist, as well as a PDF copy of the checklist report.  These reviewers will be able to see the checklist in their grid, even if they are not included in the overall access group for the checklist template.

From there, the checklist can be revieweds, submitted or marked as finalized by the workflow reviewers.  






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