Earnings and Paystubs

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The Earnings and Paystubs tab provides quick access to pay stubs and W-2 forms for a given date range.

TO OPEN: Go to Employee Tools, select Earnings

  • Checking multiple documents will make a button appear that allows you to download multiple documents to a single .zip file. This allows you to download multiple paystubs in one batch.
  • By default, documents are sorted by Date Posted, in descending order, but you can click each column header to sort the documents by a different field.
  • If you wish to delay checks from being immediately seen in the portal, you can set the number of days after the Payroll Week Ending Date (PR End Date) before checks appear in the portal. For instance, if your configuration is set to delay the check visibility by 4 days, and your PR Ending Date is a Friday, the paystub will be visible as of 12:00AM Wednesday morning. 
  • Voided checks are removed from the portal.
  • W-2 Forms are available in the portal once you have processed them in Viewpoint.
  • Processed Timecards shows the timecard of the data processed through payroll.
  • Submitted Timecard shows the original timecard submission.



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