Setting up a Personal Information Approver

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Personal Info Approvers shows the users who have the ability to approve the changes to personal info.



  1. Add a new approver by selecting the employee from the drop down box.
  2. Select the company and group they will have access to.
  3. Click add.  

Their name will appear below along with their email. Select how often they will receive emails regarding changes to Personal Info Requests. You may delete users from having this access by clicking the red X on the right.

To Manage the Personal Administrator Groups

  1. Navigate to Admins > Personal Info Approvers
  1. Select the employee you would like to give access to accept requests/receive emails.
  2. Select the company that they will have access to.
  3. Select a PR Group then click add.


This user will have the permission to approve requests, and will be notified via email at the time of the request and/or daily, depending on the boxes checked.


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    Thomas Sarnes

    Where do I go to out my employer info in. It would not let me click the enroll button

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