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The Personal Info Settings tab allows the portal administrator to adjust which fields that employees are able to adjust in the My Personal Info section. 


Field Name

All fields from the PR Employee Master and HR Resource Master are available in the Available Fields dropdown.  By selecting a field and clicking Add to Portal, the field will move into the grid below and become available in the portal.

Label Override

The Label Override section lets the administrator change the names of the fields that shows up on the Personal Info tab.

Update Mode

The Update Mode controls which form the updates affect.  If the field is a LINK field, you can choose to update HR, PR, or both.  If you want a field to show on the portal, but lock it from editing, you can choose the “Read Only” option.

Approval Workflow

The Tracking Type controls the approval workflow after an employee requests an information update. 

Field Validation Only: This option allows employees to make changes to a field without active approval from an Administrator. The changes are still fully audited and validated by Viewpoint’s logic, but the values will update Viewpoint automatically.  An audit of all changes appear in the PR and HR Notes.

Notification of Change:  Similar to Field Validation Only, but email notifications to the administrator(s) are sent, and changes are visible in the Change History page until manually dismissed.  An audit of all changes appear in the PR and HR Notes.

Approval Required Before Update: This option adds an approval step to information updates prior to any data being changed in Viewpoint.  The HR Administrator will have the option of Approving as Entered, Approving with Edits, or Rejecting the update.  If approved, the field will immediately change value in Viewpoint. An audit of all changes appear in the PR and HR Notes.

Field Sequence

You can use the Up and Down Arrows in the RH columns to adjust the order in which fields show up to employees on the portal.



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