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Personal Info


To Open - Go to Employee Tools and select "Update Info" 



On the My Personal Information page, select > Update your Personal Information. It will open your information and allow you to change the information below.

You can change any information you have listed that isn't greyed out and when you're all finished, click the Submit Update button at the bottom of the section.

  1. Submitting will send the update for approval.
  2. Approvals for fields will route through the portal configuration. See Personal info settings for details.
  3. Notes
    1. Address fields can be authenticated off of google addresses when configured in the portal settings.
    2. Phone numbers can be required to follow specific formatting.
    3. Drop downs are pulled for Viewpoint lookups. Update a lookup in Viewpoint to change it in the portal.


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    Robert Matson

    It doesn't give me any options in update my info

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