Setting up users in the Portal

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User Access shows all of the employees and the permissions each of them have to the portal.

  1. Navigate to Admin > User Access.
  2. Use the Company and Group drop downs to limit the list of users
  3. Select the employee you wish to adjust portal access for.
  4. Check the box you wish to give them permission to use.
  5. To apply permissions to everyone, check the top check box.
  6. To apply security to inactive employees, check the Show Inactive Employees Check box.
  7. If you wish to change Field Access change the HR dropdown to Field.


You can check the box of specific tabs next to the employee that you wish to give access to, to give him or her access to that tab. If the tab is not checked, the user will not be able to see the tab in their portal. You are also able to change the employee’s password and if they get locked out of their account, to unlock their account from the action drop down to the right.



  1. When a new user is added to Viewpoint's payroll, their portal security will pull from the defaults set in the Portal Settings.
  2. When an employee is terminated in Viewpoint, their portal access will be updated to the My Earnings page only.  


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