Setting up the timecard structure

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Timecard Setting allow you to customize the setup of your timecard for each Company and Payroll Group.

  1. Select a Company from the Company dropdown.
  2. Select a Payroll Group from the Payroll Group dropdown.
  3. Column Name: This column show a list of all available fields in Viewpoint’s PR Timecard Entry.  These fields include user defined fields.  Any of these fields can be added to the timecard portal. 
    1. Column setups are Company and Payroll Group specific. This means one company with 3 different payroll groups could have 3 different timecard layouts.
    2. The Show Hidden Columns field allows columns whose visibility mode set to user to be displayed. Uncheck this box to only view the columns that are visible in the portal.
  4. Override Name: This field allows you to change the display name of the specified column in the portal.
    1. In the image above, the column PostDate has a field override of Date Worked.  All employees using the portal will see the heading Date Worked instead of PostDate.
  5. Visibility Mode: The portal allows 3 visibility modes: Hidden, Editable, and Read Only.
    1. Hidden: The default value of all fields is hidden.  This means that the field will not show up in the Timecard Portal.  All values for the specified field will use Viewpoints standard values.
    2. Editable: This value allows a user to input a value.  If there is a look up on the field in Viewpoint, the available values will display in the Timecard portal as a dropdown of the lookup.  Custom lookups are supported.
    3. Read Only: This setting allows a field and its value to appear in the Timecard Portal, however, the user will not be able to update the field’s value directly.
  6. The arrows allow you to setup the order that the Timecard columns display in the portal. Click up or down to modify the order of the columns.
  7. New Line Behavior: When a new line is created you can have it do either of the value can either default to: Blank, the previous vaule, or Employee default. 
  8. Auto Select 1st Value: If there is only one value available, it is auto select that value. 
  9. Searchable in Mobile: This only applies on a mobile device. They user will be able to search for the value instead of scrolling through the dropdown. 
    • NOTE: All values will be searchable if on a desktop/laptop
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