Approve/Reject Employee Information Updates

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The Personal Info Approval is the clearing house for all requested updates made through the My Personal Info tab.  This screen allows you to see all changes (pending, completed, or both) for a given time period.  For pending changes, you can take action based on the validation setting of the field.


Options to Approve / Reject a request

  • Enter in a New Value to overwrite the submission.
  • Click Approve to accept and commit the submission.
  • Click Reject to keep the Previous value.
  • Click the Envelope next to the Employee name to email the Employee regarding the submission.

If a field is marked “Approval Required Before Update” on the Personal Info Request page, you’ll see Approve and Reject buttons beside each change.  With these buttons, the administrator can authorize or deny changes made, as well as quickly email the requester for clarification or follow up. The approver can also edit a field change and submit the update to Viewpoint.

If the field is marked “Field Validation Only”, the change is shown, with the ability to email the requester and “Dismiss” the change.  The Dismiss button simply removes it from the pending items list; even though the change didn’t need to be actively authorized, the administrator is still made aware of it through this screen.

Viewing Request History

  • Use the Date From and Date To date range to filter the requests show in the grid.
  • Change the Request Status to filter your requests.
  • Change the Filter by Employee dropdown to filter a specific employee.


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