Filling Out My Timecard

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In the Navigation bar of the portal, go to [1] Employee Tools and then select [2] Timecard. You can also click the “Timecard” button in the My Hotlist Items section of the home page.


The logged in employee will be selected by default.  If you’re authorized to enter time on behalf of other employees, you’ll see them in the employee dropdown.


To input timecard data:

  1. Click the Add Timecard Line button to create a new timecard line.
  2. Fill in the provided fields: PostDate, Job, Phase, EarnCode, Notes, 
  3. Add additional lines by clicking the “Add Timecard line” button again.
  4. Remove a row by clicking the red X next to the line.
  5. By clicking the Clone button, you can clone time from the previous pay period if that time has already been processed.
  6. Always Save changes made to your timecard by clicking the Save button.
  7. Once you’re finished, click Submit for approval. Clicking this button will lock the timecard for future modification and forward it to your manager for approval.


Tip: Each new line will be added to the top of the timecard.

Tip: Sort the results by clicking any column heading.


If you are using the Time Worked feature, then you will need to make sure the total hours per day are matching the hours calculated by the start and stop times. Please see the article on our Time Worked feature here.

View a video of time card entry.





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