Managing My Time Off

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The Time Off page allows an employee to review their leave codes balances, request time off, and review their Time Off history.


Viewing and Projected Leave Code balances

  1. Select an employee from the employee drop down.
  2. Click the calendar icon and select a date.
  3. Review the Projected Hours Available.

The projected available hours are calculated based on the accrual rates setup in the PR Employee Leave form.  The assumption for projections is 40 hours a week.  

Option: Use the Portal Settings EnableTimeOffProxy to enable or disable employee proxy timecard entry and projections.


Request Time Off

  1. Select the days on the calendar you wish to request off.  Use the directional buttons at the top of the calendar to navigate to different months.  Notice that the Requested Hours change with the days you select.
  2. Select a leave code from the drop down to deduct time off from.
  3. Enter a description of your request to submit to your supervisor.
  4. Click the submit button to finalize your request.


If you select only one calendar day, you will have the option of entering a partial day.  

  1. Click the Current Request dropdown and select Partial Day.
  2. Enter in hours in the Total Requested Hours.


  1. RestrictProjectedHours:  Restricts the ability to request more time off then projected accruals.
  2. LeaveCodeSettingsExtended:  Customize what fields are available in the projections grid and which codes are available for leave requests.



The history grid shows all requests that have through the time off submission process.  Click the calendar icon next to any future request to download an outlook calendar invite.  Any future leave request can be cancelled by clicking the cancel button.



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