Software & Hardware Requirements

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The Keystyle Employee portal is an IIS web application that communicates directly with your Viewpoint database.  It is installed in two parts:

  • A small logic database to store the Employee Portal procedures and unique data.
  • A web application hosted in IIS to serve the application interface.


Database Requirements

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or greater
Free Disk Space: 1GB

SQL DBMail must be configured if automatic email notifications are enabled.

The Keystyle logic database is typically deployed on the same SQL instance as your Viewpoint database.  If a separate is required, the Keystyle database can be installed on its own instance as long as a linked server connection to the Viewpoint server can be made.   


Web Application Requirements

ASP.NET Platform (Web Application Server role)

  • IIS 7.0 or greater
  • .NET Framework Version 4.5

Free Disk Space: 1GB


The web application can be installed on the Viewpoint server for small (< 100 user deployments), or set up on a separate server for larger environments or when additional separation is desired. 

Additional hardware requirements dependent on user load and portal modules utilized; specifics to be coordinated with customer during implementation.










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