Additional Configuration for Linked Server Deployments

Keystyle Support Team -

If your KDS-HRIM database is on a different SQL server than your Viewpoint database, you'll need to confirm a few additional setup details:

1) Ensure that a linked server exists on your KDS-HRIM SQL server that references your Viewpoint database server.

2) In the Linked Server properties -> Server Options, ensure that RPC and RPC Out are set to True.

3) Configure the Distributed Transaction Coordinator on both your Keystyle Server as well as your Viewpoint server.  

  • Click Start, click Run, type dcomcnfg and then click OK to open Component Services.

  • In the console tree, click to expand Component Services, click to expand Computers, click to expand My Computer, click to expand Distributed Transaction Coordinator and then click Local DTC.

  • Right click Local DTC and click Properties to display the Local DTC Properties dialog box.

  • Click the Security tab.

  • Check"Network DTC Access" checkbox.

  • Check"Allow Inbound" and "Allow Outbound" checkboxes.

  • Click Apply, OK.

  • A message will pop up about restarting the service.

  • Click OK and That's all.

Ensure your settings are as shown in the screenshot below:



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