Syncing Approval Status to PR Timecard Batch

Keystyle Support Team -

If desired, you can have the portal submission and approval actions post directly to the timecard batch on each line item, allow you to filter and sort by status.  In addition to using the Timecard Dashboard, this can help isolate unapproved and un-submitted timecards.

To enable this functionality, simply add a user defined field to the PR Timecard Entry form called "udApprovalStatus" (for Job Approval make it "udJobApprovalStatus"). 

On timecard submission, all rows in the timecard will be updated to show "Submitted" in the udApprovalStatus field.  

On timecard approval, all rows in the timecard will be updated to show "Approved" in the udApprovalStatus field.

If the timecard is unsubmitted, unapproved, or cleared, the udApprovalStatus field will be set to blank.

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