Configuring Extended Leave Code Settings

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The portal allows for extensive customization of settings per leave code.  Here's how they work:

Navigate to Portal Settings > scroll down to the Vacation section > find the LeaveCodeSettings line.  The syntax for this configuration value is shown below.


where VAC is the leave code from Viewpoint and the comma separated numbers control individual settings, respectively:

Show in Time-Off Balance Grid: Show the code in the upper employee time off balance grid.  Available values for this settings are 0 (hide) or 1 (show).

Allow Balance Projection: Show projected accrual amounts for this code and have the values update based on the selected "project by" date.  Available values for this setting are 0 (do not allow) or 1 (allow).

Allow Request: Controls whether employees can request for a specific code that is assigned to them.  Available values for this setting are 0 (do not allow) or 1 (allow).

Cash Out Enabled: Allow employees to cash out balances for this code.  Required further configuration; contact KDS for assistance with setting up the cash out process.  Available values for this settings are 0 (do not allow) or 1 (allow).

# of Days Advance Notice Required: Controls the number of days between the current date and the earliest date that an employee can request time off for a given code.  For example, if this is set to 10, an employee cannot make a new request for time off in the next 10 days.  Can be negative to allow backdating of requests, integer values only (i.e. 15, -15).

Minimum Request (hours): Specifies the minimum duration of a request in hours.  Positive numbers only, 0 indicates no minimum duration.

Manager Approval Necessary: Controls whether manager approval is necessary for requests on a given leave code.  If set to 1 (approval required), managers will need to review and approve the request before posting to the HR Resource Schedule as approved.  If set to 0 (no approval necessary), the request will automatically post to the HR Resource Schedule with as approved.  Available values for this setting are 0 (no approval necessary) or 1 (approval required).


To specify extended settings for multiple leave codes, just separate each setting group with a semicolon (;).  (VAC:1,1,1,0,10,2,1;SICK:1,1,1,0,10,2,1;)

If a leave code is not included in these extended settings, it will inherit the global default behavior:

Show in Time-Off Balance Grid: Yes

Allow Balance Projection: Yes

Allow Request: Yes

Cash Out Enabled: No

# of Days Notice Required: 0 (no advance notice required)

Minimum Request (hours): 0 (no minimum duration)

Manager Approval Necessary: Yes (approval required)




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