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The Employee information portal is designed to take advantage of the Viewpoint lookup framework.  If there you wish to customize the drop down list in the portal, you just have to make a Viewpoint Custom lookup.  

The steps below describe how to limit earning codes in the portal based on the standard earnings code of an employee.


Part 1 Create the Earn Code Lookup

  1. Open the form UD User Defined Lookups (User Database > Programs > UD User Defined Lookups)
  2. Create a new lookup named udFilteredEC
  3. Give the lookup a Title.  In this example we use Filtered Earnings Codes.
  4. Fill in the Join Clause: INNER JOIN PREH on PREC.PRCo = PREH.PRCo
  5. Where Clause: PREH.PRCo=? AND PREH.Employee = ? AND 1 = CASE WHEN PREH.EarnCode = 1 AND PREC.EarnCode in (1,2,3) THEN 1 WHEN PREH.EarnCode  = 4 AND PREC.EarnCode in (4,7,9,11,15,17) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

Step 5 is where all the customization happens.  In the example above, the earn code 1 is for hourly employees.  The statement that says WHEN PREH.Earncode = 1 is looking at the form PR Employee and is checking the default Earn Code.  The second part of the statement AND PREC.EarnCode in (1,2,3) means that if the Employees Standard Earn Code = 1 then only show the earn codes 1,2,3 (Standard Time, Over Time, Double Time.  In the example above, if you wanted to add Vacation Hourly (Earn Code 8) you would change the statement to read AND PREC.EarnCode in (1,2,3,8)


Part 2 Setup Lookup in Time Card

  1. Open the form PR Timecard Entry (Payroll > Programs > PR Timecard Entry)
  2. Open a batch 
  3. Select the Earn Code field and click the Field Properties Button. 
  4. Fill the grid out to look like the image below.
  5. In order for the lookup to show up in the portal, the Load Seq # must be set to 0.  If you do not want this to be the default lookup in Viewpoint, uncheck the Active checkbox.  It will be active in the Keystyle Portal, but not in Viewpoint.



Part 3 Create the Phase Lookup

The steps below describe a lookup that only shows active labor phases on a job.  Note: You will need to adjust your cost type to match your labor cost type.

  • From
    • JCCH
  • Join
    • Left Outer Join JCJP On JCCH.JCCo=JCJP.JCCo and JCCH.Job=JCJP.Job and JCCH.Phase=JCJP.Phase
    • Where CostType = 1 and JCCH.JCCo=? and JCCH.Job=? and JCCH.ActiveYN = 'Y' and JCJP.ActiveYN = 'Y'
  • Details
    • JCCH.Phase
    • JCJP.Description

Change the Cost Type to the cost type your company uses for labor. (Eg. in the above example CostType = 1 means that Cost Type 1 is labor.  If your labor cost type is 5 the statement would read CostType = 5).  Follow the steps in part 2 to connect the lookup to the timecard.


For additional information on setting up custom lookups, please see Viewpoint help menu and vantage point.  Attached to this article is the Vantage point article on setting a ud lookup for Active Job Phases.


Happy portal customization!



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