Approving Regular Timecards

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Follow the steps below to approve timecard assigned to you.

  1. Logon to the Employee Self Service Portal.
  2. Click the Approval button on the navigation bar and click Manager Approval.
  3.  In the Timecard Review section of the Manager Approval page, you will see a list of time cards. You can use the drop down menus and the search bar to find the time card you are looking for.
  4. You can also sort the time cards by clicking on the column headers.
  5. On this grid you can see all the employees that you manage and see the time they submitted.  You have 3 options: View, History, and Review & Approve.


  1. View:  This button allows you to Navigate to the actual card.  Here you can see the detail allocation.  If you do not agree with the allocations you can un-submit  the card and change allocations
  2. History: This button displays a flyout showing when each posting action was completed.
  3. Review & Approve: This button opens a model that breaks down the cards allocation, allows you to make comments, and lets you approve or reject the card.  If you reject the card it is automatically un submitted and the employee receives a notification via email letting them know why the card was rejected.

Here's a short video that shows how to approve time cards.


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