Total Compensation

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With this Keystyle report, you will be able to view the total compensation paid out to each employee including salary and all benefits.

Customize your Total Compensation Report

The total compensation report can be customized by anyone on your team that is familiar with SQL. You can typically find the RDL file to modify on the web server where Keystyle Data Solutions was installed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Keystyle Data Solutions\Keystyle Data Solutions\HRIM\BusinessLogic\SSRS\HRTotalCompensation.rdl

Once the file is updated, save it under a different name and place it along side with the original copy in the same directory. Then update the following setting with the RDL file name:

Admin > Portal Settings > View My Earnings History > "Total Compensation SSRS Report Override (include.rdl in filename)".

We can also customize a report for you per your request. Let us know if you would like to schedule time to review the changes you would want made. 



As always please contact Keystyle Data Solutions support if you have any questions. 



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