How to Download Checklists

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In order to download a safety checklist you will first need to click on the Safety Checklists option under the Field Tools tab.

If there is no Field Tools tab or Safety Checklist option on your portal you will need to add it.

You can do this by going to the Admin tab and then to the portal settings.

Then click on the Job Safety Checklists option in the Portal Modules section.

Once you make it to the Portal Settings for the Job Safety Checklist module, make sure the check box has been selected. Then go back to the home page. If the Field Tools tab or the Safety Checklists option still doesn’t appear try logging off and then logging back in.

Once you have clicked on the Safety Checklists tab, a similar screen should appear.

To download a Safety Checklist you will need to:

  1. Select the Safety Checklist you would like to download by clicking the check box next to it.
  2. Click download. After a few seconds the download should start.

Once the download has finished, you should be able to open the check list.

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