How to Create a Checklist Template

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In order to create a new safety checklist you will first need to go to the Field Tools tab and then select the Safety Checklist option.


If there is no Safety Checklist option under your Field Tools tab on your portal you will need to add it.

You can do this by going to the Admin tab and then to the portal settings.





Then click on the Job Safety Checklists option in the Portal Modules section.



Once you make it to the Portal Settings for the Job Safety Checklist module, make sure the check box has been selected. Then go back to the home page. If the Safety Checklist tab still doesn’t appear try logging off and then logging back in.





Once you have clicked on the Safety Checklists tab, a similar screen should appear.




To create a new checklist you will first need to go to the [1] Admin tab and then click on the [2] Manage Checklist Templates option.






After you navigate to the Manage Checklist Templates page, you will need to click on [1] New Template in order to create a new checklist. [2] It’s important to note that you can deactivate/activate templates in this section. If you deactivate a template here, they will no longer be available later in the New Checklist section.




Once you click on New Template, you will need to name the template and then click [1] Create to continue.




After clicking Create, you will need to fill out the following to create the checklist.

  1. There are different sections of the Checklist you are about to create. There is a header and then groups. The header section is for anything that you would like to be at the top of your checklist. Click Add Header Field to add a new field on the header.
  2. You will need to fill out the name of the new addition to the header.
  3. The label is the text that will appear on the Header for this field.
  4. The type dropdown contains a few options: Text, Numeric, Date, Time, Dropdown, or Checkbox. The type needs to match the format you would like for your Header Field information.
  5. The required checkbox determines if this header field requires a response before being submitted.
  6. If you no longer want a Header Field to be shown you may deactivate it by clicking the deactivate button.




Once you are finished with creating your header for your new checklist, you can add other sections to your checklist by adding new groups. Just type in the name for your new group and then click the [1] Add New Group button.







To begin editing and adding fields to your new group, you will need to click on the group name.







To begin adding sections to the group, click on the Add Item button.





As soon as you click add item, the following fields will appear.

  1. This is the number of the item in the checklist.
  2. The Item Prompt is the question you would like to ask in your checklist.
  3. The Item Long Prompt is where you may give a very detailed description of the original item prompt if you deem it necessary to provide more information for clarification. Usually paragraph length.
  4. By clicking Deactivate, you may turn off this specific section of the checklist.





Once you have completed making your checklist in the format you are happy with you will need to click on [1] Safety Checklist. Your template checklist is automatically saved with all your information.


Here is a video demonstration that shows the process to creating a new checklist template.



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