How to view, edit, or submit Project Issues

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In the Employee Portal you can view and change information for project issues. To do so you must first make sure Project Issues tab is enabled in your Navigation bar. To do this you will need to click on the [1] Admin tab and then on the [2] Portal Settings option.

Once you are in Portal Settings, you will need to click on [1] Project Issues.

Once in the Project Settings module, you will need to make sure that the [1] Is Issue Tracker Functionality Enabled? check box is checked. In this module you can also add [2] a security group to control which users can close issues.

Once you have enabled Issue Tracker Functionality, you should see the either the Project Issues tab in the navigation bar or the Field Tools tab. If you see the [1] Field Tools tab then Project Issues [2] should be an option that appears from clicking it.

Once you click on the Project Issues option, you will see a similar page. Click on the dropdown window to select project you wish to view.

This is what it looks like when you select a project. This Issue Tracker on the Keystyle portal is similar to Viewpoint’s Project Management Program PM Issues Grid.

This is what Viewpoint’s PM Issues Grid tab looks like. You can see the similar information between both Viewpoint and the portal. They are connected to each other. Anything you change in the portal will be updated in viewpoint and vice versa.


 [1] To view the information or edit an issue in the portal click on the Edit button.

[2] To submit a new issue, click on the + Submit a New Issue button.

When you click edit, the page that appears shows the information associated with the issue. It’s similar to Viewpoint’s Project Management PM Issues Info Tab. Here you can add or edit information about the issue. In the portal, the Responsible Person dropdown will only show people that are on this specific job. You can also add attachments by clicking on [1] Browse and then selecting a file. If you wish to add multiple attachments, you will need to click on [2] + Add Attachment to open multiple browse buttons for the attachments.

Here’s what Viewpoint’s Info tab shows. It shows the same information as the Keystyle portal Issues Tracker Edit area and anything changed will be updated in both locations.

In the portal, it’s important to know that by clicking the [1] check boxes Schedule, Cost, or ROM Price will open up a box for you to insert the data for each. It’s also important to note that your information will only be updated and saved if you click the [2] Save Change button.

Creating a new issue for a project by clicking the + Submit a New Issue button mentioned earlier will take you to a page that looks similar to the one below. The information you add to this section will be updated in Viewpoint as long as you click the [1] Submit Issue button.



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