How to Manage Job Assignments

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The first thing you need to do in order manage job assignments is to make sure you have access to the Job Assignments option under Field Tools.

To do this you will need to click on the [1] Admin tab in the navigation bar and then click on the [2] User Access option.

Once you are on the User Access page, you will need to find the name of whoever you are trying to give access to Job Assignments. Once you do, make sure the [1] checkbox next to their name is checked. If you are trying to give yourself access make sure you check the box next to your name.

Now that you have access to the Job Assignments, you will need to make sure your portal is linked to Viewpoints security groups.



To do this, [1] click on Admin and then go to [2] Portal Settings.


Then click on [1] Security / Login.

In the Security Portal Settings make sure the [1] Contract Security Link Enabled box is checked. 

Now you should have access to the Job Assignments option and the portal security settings should be linked to Viewpoint. The Job Assignments option will either be in the navigation bar or it will be under the Field Tools tab. [1] If it’s under Field Tools, click on it and then [2] click on Job Assignments.

The Job Assignments option will take you to the Manage Job Assignments page.


To give a user access to a job, first select the job you are trying to manage.

Then select the employee you are trying to add. You can type in the employee name to help you get there faster.


Once you have the right person selected, click add to add them to the selected job.

Once they are added, that person will be added to the VA Security Group for that job in Viewpoint.

Here’s how the Portal changes for Job Assignments affects the security groups in Viewpoint.

Here’s the same project group in Viewpoint.

And here it shows that the person was added to the group.

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