Adding Approval status to your Timecards

Keystyle Support Team -

The Portal Timecards status (Submitted, Unsubmitted, and Approved) will also show up in your Viewpoint. If the "Approval Status" column doesn't appear, then here is how you add it: 

1) Select VA Custom Fields Wizard in viewpoint


2) Select "Add Custom Field" and Click Next

3) Fill out the fields as displayed below and click next

4) Enter in the number of Characters you want (we suggest 30), then click next. 


5) Fill out the field as displayed in the below picture, then click next. 

6) For both Validations (part 1 and 2) click next without modifying any options. 

7) And click finish! 


Be sure to check PR Timecard Entry to make sure the column shows up.

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