How to Request Time Off

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In order to request time off, you will need to first select either the [1] Time Off option in the Employee Tools tab or [2] the Time Off icon in your hot list.

If you want to add the Time Off icon to your "My Hotlist Items" you will need to scroll down on your home page to the "Access My Modules" section and make sure that the box next to Request Time-Off is checked [1]

The Manage My Time Off page in the portal is broken down into 4 parts; the first covers the total amount of time you have requested off, the second is where you can request time off, the third is where you can cash out vacation time, and the fourth is your history of time off requests.

As you can see, this section shows your total time off available and used.

[1] This should have your name.

(Managers will have access to enter on behalf of those they manage only if given permission by admin)

[2] This calendar will allow you to project time off hours available by the selected date.

[3] Each one of these clock icons will show you a breakdown of hours available for the corresponding line. (Floating Holiday, Paid Time Off, Personal Time, Sick Days, and Vacation) 


To request time off, you will need to fill out the following information:

First select the day or days you would like to request off.



Then fill out the form to the right. Select whether you want to take the full day off or a partial day.


Then select the leave code. Ex: Personal Time, Vacation, or Non Paid Leave.


Then fill out the description for your time off request.

Once you have filled out everything, you will need to click on Submit and then the following window will appear to confirm your time off request. Press submit again.

Once you have finished submitting your time off request, you should see the following green bar appear in your window.

Once your request is made, you should see it in your Request Time Off calendar as a pending request.


The last part of the Manage My Time Off part of the portal is your Request History.

After having made the request earlier in the guide you can see it is now in the image below.


[1] Here you can cancel a request for time off.

[2] Here you can download the requests that you have made for time off straight to your outlook calendar.



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