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Corresponds with V: 1.8 of the Portal

Manage Personal Information Settings

LOCATION: Go to Admin drop down, Personal Info Settings

    • Add and remove fields you would like to include in the personal info tab.

    • Here you can also:

      • Change what each field appears as (Label Override)

      • Which fields they are able to update and where it updates (Update Mode)

      • Change which fields require Approval (Approval Workflow)

Manage Personal Information Approvers

    • Go to Admin Drop down, select Manage Approvers

    • Here you can add approvers by company and payroll group to approve Personal Info Updates.

Portal Settings

LOCATION: Admin, Portal Settings, Update My Personal Information

  • Address Validation Enabled:

    • This will allow Google to validate the address – if it is not validated the user may use suggested address or keep what was entered

  • Characters to Exclude from Address Updates:

    • Ex: . , - / # ' " ( ) * & { } [ ] | ~

    • This will allow you to restrict your users from using certain characters in the Personal Info fields.

  • Edit Header Text

    • This text will appear at the top of your Personal Info Page, allowing you to give your users additional direction on this page.

  • Enable Update of Emergency Contacts

      • This setting allows your users to be able to see and update their emergency contacts. There is no approval process for emergency contact updates.

  • Filing Status To Include:

    • S-Single; M-Married: H-Head of Household; F- Married, filing jointly, one spouse working; B – Married, filing jointly, both spouses working; W- Qualified Widow(er); O – No Exemptions (Alabama Only)

    • If you do not have W4 Mode Enabled or set to Read Only you will not see filing status at all.

  • Require Attachment for W-4 Updates

      • If checked, attachments will be required in order to submit withholdings updates through the portal.

  • Update Notes in HR Resource master:

    • This will allow the notes entered in the portal to be added into your Viewpoint “HR Resource Master”

  • Update Notes in PR Employee Master:

    • This will allow the notes entered in the portal to be added into your “PR Employee Master”

  • W 4 Mode (D- Disabled; R – Read Only; E – Enabled)

      • In Enabled mode users will be able to update their filing status and Attach Updated W4 Form. (Updated W4’s can be viewed in approval page and are uploaded to the PR employee profile on approval)

      • In Read Only Mode users will not be able to make changes to their filing or attach updated W4 but will be able to see status and download the W4 Form.

      • In Disabled Mode users will not see their filing status or the W4 Form to download.

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