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Corresponds with portal version: 1.12



    • PR Leave Codes: The portal will pull the leave codes assigned to each user into Time off. Make sure that:

      1. The Accrual and Usage is filled in for the right earn codes and rates

      2. The Accrual Limit and Balance Limit is set correctly.

NOTE: If there are certain Leave Codes you do not want to show up in the portal, we do have settings for that (See the portal setting “Extended Leave Code Configuration)

  • HR Code Master: Be sure to have each Leave Code set-up in the HR Code Master, under the Code Type “C” for Schedule. If it is not set-up, it will not show up in the HR Resource schedule on Approval

  • Unpaid/Non-paid Leave: Do you want users to enter unpaid leave? Be sure to add in a Schedule Code (Code Type C) into the HR Code Master. You do not need to have add a new leave code. This is just so the request will show up in the HR Resource Schedule when approved.


LOCATION: Admin, Portal Settings, Request Time-Off

  • Auto-Select First Leave Code in List

    • When an employee goes to the Request Time Off page, if this setting is checked, the first leave code in the list will be selected automatically. This is a good setting to have on if there is only one leave code.

  • Combo Type For Tracking Leave Reason

    • This setting is for adding a custom combo box for reasons for taking time off. Only works with one leave code set up. Requires the additional set up of a ud combo box in Vista and a ud field on the HR Resource Schedule with this combobox.

  • Default Vacation Projection Date to the Most Recent Viewpoint Update (if unchecked will default to current date)

    • If enabled, this setting will set the projected to date to the most recent Viewpoint PR Accrual date.

  • Delete HR Resource Schedule or Update status when Vacation Request is canceled

    • C = Vacation request will show up as “Canceled” in the HR Resource Schedule.

    • D = Vacation Request will be removed.

  • Enable Proxy TimeOff Approvers

    • If this setting is enabled, approvers will be able to enter time-off requests for anyone they can approve time off request for (based on your approval group). If you have Payroll permissions from viewpoint, you will be able to enter for anyone. Time Off Administrators (Vacation Admins) will have this ability regardless of whether this setting is enabled.

  • Enable Vacation Cash Out Functionality

    • For this feature to populate in the HR Resource Schedule you need to set-up the Schedule Code in HR Code Master (code type C). You do not need to set up a leave code.

  • Exclude Leave Codes with the following frequency code

    • If you would like to restrict some leave codes from showing up in the portal, you can list their frequency code here. This setting is usually filled in with “I” for Inactive.

  • Extended Leave Code Configuration (Code : {0,1 - Show in Grid}, {0,1 - Show Projection}, {0,1 - Allow Request}, {0,1 - Cash Out Enabled}, {# of days - Request Buffer}, {# hours - Minimum Request}.{0,1 – Manager Approval necessary}

    • (i) Ex: VAC: 1,1,1,0,10; PER: 1,1,1,0,5;Sick:1,1,0,0,-7,2:PTO:1,1,0,0;Reward:1,1,0,0;

    • ZENDESK ARTICLE “Configuring Extended Leave Code Settings” LINK

  • Hide “Projected Days Available” Column in Leave Code Balance Grid

    • This will remove the projected hours column from the leave code grid.

  • Holidays: Custom Header Text on “View Company Holidays” window

    • You can use this field to add custom text, hyperlinks, images, or videos to the top of the pop up window that appear when an employee clicks the View Company Holidays button on the Time Off page.

  • Ignore Manager in User Access from Approval

    • Checking this setting will ignore any managers set on the User Access page disabling any time off permissions they had in the portal.

  • Ignore Timecard Reviewer Group for Leave Requests

    • Checking this setting will ignore any managers listed in the Timesheet Reviewer Group on the PR Employees Add’l Info tab in Viewpoint and disable any time off permissions they had in the portal.

  • Non-Paid Leave: Custom Verbiage for “Non-Paid Leave”

    • This text will be what shows up as the non-paid leave option when employees request time off. If left blank, this will default to Non-Paid Leave.

  • Non-Paid Leave: Include Non-Paid Option in Leave Request Types

    • This allows you to include a Non-Paid Leave Option for your users. You do not need to add it as a leave code, but you do need to be sure to include it as a Schedule Code in your HR Code Master. Here is a LINK with more details on the process of setting up Unpaid Leave LINK

  • Non-Paid Leave: Schedule Code for Non-Paid leave Requests

    • Non-Paid Leave must be set-up as a schedule code in viewpoint ( HR Code Master, make sure it is a “C” code type) Ex: “UNPAID” or “NPL”

  • Push Pending Requests to HR Resource Schedule

    • Time off requests will be stored in the HR Resource Schedule once submitted.

  • Push Time-Off Requests to HR Resource Schedule on Approval

    • Once time off is approve, the request will be in the HR Resource Schedule in Viewpoint.

  • Restrict time-off requests to no more than projected accrued

    • ZENDESK ARTICLE “How Can I restrict or allow leave requests to go over projected accruals?” LINK

  • Schedule Code For Cash Out Requests

    • Must be set-up as a schedule code in viewpoint ( HR Code Master, make sure it is a “C” code type) “Ex: CASHOUT”

  • Show Checkbox on Time-Off Dashboard to Track Request in Company Calendar

    • Requires UD field on HR Resource Schedule with this title “udScheduleChecked” and data type “bYN”

  • Show Unit of time in the time off calendar in (H)ours or (D)ays

  • Time Off Custom Header

    • You can use this field to add custom text, hyperlinks, images, or videos to the top of the Request Time Off page.

  • Treat Friday’s as 8 hour despite default work hours

  • UD Field Name for Leave Reason

    • List the name of the ud field you used for adding the time off reason combobox.

  • Vacation Lead Times (Calendar days)

    • This is the default Request time on the “Request Time Off Calendar” on the Time Off page. When a user selects a leave code, the days they are able to request will default to that leave code settings, but this setting will determine what is available before a leave code is selected.


The Vacation Admin has access to the Time-Off Dashboard and can approve, reject, cancel and delete requests.

  • Manage Approvers & Notifications: (Admin, Manage Approvers)

Manage Portal User Access:

LOCATION: Admin, User Access

  • Access to Time-Off Module: To give users access to Time-Off, select the “Time Off” box for that user

Who Approves Time-Off Requests?

The Time-Off Requests can go to whoever you set up as the Time-Off approver. This can be set up in 4 different places:

      1. Manage Approval Roles: Employee groups will need to be set up in the Manage Employee Groups section of the portal. Click here for more information about setting up employee groups: Manage Employee Groups

On the Manage Approval Page, you will need to select the employee group you set up for your Time-Off approvers, select “Can Approve Time-Off Requests” from the middle dropdown, select the group that will have their Time-Off approved for the last dropdown, and then click the add button.

      1. PR Employee Timesheet Reviewer Group: Reviewer groups set-up in HQ Reviewer Group, assigned to the user in PR Employee, Add ’l Info tab “Timesheet Reviewer Group” will have access to approve Timecards and Time-off


      1. HR Resource Master Leave Approval Group: If HR Approval Group is assigned they will only approve Time-off.

      2. Manager in the Portal: In User Access you can assign any user as a manager. In this option you can only have one manager at a time. A manager will be able to approve Timecards and Time-off.

      1. Leave Reviewer Group: You can also assign a leave reviewer group. Leave reviewer groups will able to approve Time-off only.

Manage Time Off Holidays:

LOCATION: Admin, Manage Time Off Holidays

On this page of the portal, you can add Holiday Groups to the portal and assign Holidays to those groups. Click Add New Holiday Group, name your group, and click Add.

In Step 1, add the Employee Groups that will have these Holidays. (for more information on how to set up employee groups)

In Step 2, choose a year.

In Step 3, you can select some of the standard holidays that we provide.

In the last step, you can create any custom holidays that we did not provide for you.

Time-Off Dashboard:

The time-off dashboard allows managers and vacation admins to approve, reject, cancel or delete time-off requests.

  1. FILTERS: The time-off dashboard allows managers and Vacation Admin several ways to filter their dashboard so they can find exactly what they are looking for.

    1. Request Date: To focus your search on a specific period of time change the request date range.

    2. Employee Company: If your manager or vacation admin has to multiple companies they will be able to select the company here.

    3. Request Status: You can narrow your view by the status of the request or show all

    1. Leave Code: The leave code filter will let you filter by any code that is in your grid.

    2. Search Users: To look for all requests for a specific user you can narrow your view to just one user by searching for their name

    3. Show All Unapproved: for those who just want to focus on users requiring approval you can check this and instantly change your view.


    1. Show Calendar: When you select “Show Calendar” the following calendar will appear:

      1. The calendar only shows those who have approved, rejected or pending requests

      2. By clicking on the icon you can see the details of that request

    1. Export to Calendar: You can download any approved request to a calendar isc file. Select the little check box on the left and click “Export to Calendar” to download.


    1. Detail Button: Approved or Rejected requests will have a detail button. The detail button allows you to:

      1. Reset to Pending: By clicking reset to pending you are allowing the request to be approved or rejected

      2. Cancel or Delete Request

    1. Review Button: Vacation Admin and managers can approve, reject, cancel and delete requests. They can also add reviewer notes.

  1. SORTING: All headers allow you to sort.

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