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Corresponds with version 1.10 of the portal







  • Crystal DLL runtime must be installed on IIS server


    • Paystubs enabled in PR Company Parameter in Viewpoint

    • Have you printed checks in viewpoint? (PR Check Print). If you have not been printing the checks in viewpoint the portal will not be able to pull them.

    • KDSUser created as VA User profile

    • KDSUser given payroll group security for all group

      • Without this security the W2 will show up incorrectly


LOCATION: Admin, Portal Settings, View My Earnings History)

  • Attachment Type ID from Manually Generated W-2’s Attached to employees

        • If your W-2’s are not created in Viewpoint and you have been attaching W-2’s to each user’s Employee file, enter the attachment ID used to attach to each user’s Payroll Employee Master

  • Crew Timecard Report Name Override (include .rdl in filename)

  • Date for Earliest Earnings Document Visible in Portal

  • Document Types to Include in My Earnings History:

    • You can choose which documents are shown in earnings (separated by “,”):

      • Paystubs =”PR”

      • Compensation Summary = “COMP”

      • Time Cards Processed = “TCP”

      • Time Cards Submitted = “TCS”

      • W2 Forms = “W2”

      • T4 Forms = “T4”

      • 1095 C = 1095C

  • Earnings Module - # of weeks of history to show by default

  • Earnings SMS – Hide Amounts in Text Message

  • Enter the number of days you wish to wait after the PREndDate until checks appear in the Portal

        • (i.e. 4 means that 4 days after the PR End Date, it will appear in the portal)

  • Exclude Viewpoint Generated W-2’s – Show Only Manually Attached

        • If your W-2’s are not created in Viewpoint and you have been attaching W-2’s to each user’s Employee file, check exclude all W-2 Data generated in viewpoint

  • For W2 Printing Show (F)ull (B, C, 2) or (C)opy C only

  • Hide Paystubs of Zero Hour Pay Periods From Earnings

        • If you use Zero Hour Pay Periods to process bonus checks and you do not want those paystubs to show in the portal check this portal setting.

        • Note: If you want zero hour paystubs to still show in the portal but don’t want them to show until a later date set the pay period end date to when you want them to show in the portal.

  • Historical Viewpoint Paystub Attachment Type ID

    • (i) The portal will grab your paystubs automatically, but if you have changed your attachment type ID in the past, you can add them here. Use comma separated list to specify multiple attachment types (i.e 4,5002,50024)

  • Latest W-2/T4 Report Year:

    • This setting controls the latest year of W-2 or T4 data to show in the portal. Once the data is initialized in Viewpoint an you’re ready to release the year’s documents in the portal, increment this field up one year.

  • Number of Days After “Paid Date” to delay Paper Checks from Portal

  • Paperless Consent - Allow employees who have opted to not receive paperless paystubs to still see their paystubs in the portal

    • This setting enforces that all employees will be able to see their paystubs even if they have opted out.

The below settings that begin with “Paperless Consent- Require” are all related to the Paperless Consent Feature. This feature is only enabled if any of the below settings are enabled.


  • Paperless Consent - Require 1095-C Consent

  • Paperless Consent - Require Paystub Consent

  • Paperless Consent - Require W-2 Consent

  • Paperless Consent – Users must confirm cell phone, carrier, and email address on login.

  • Paperless Consent – Verbiage for 1095-C Electronic Delivery

  • Paperless Consent – Verbiage for Electronic Paystubs

  • Paperless Consent – Verbiage for W-2’s Electronic Delivery

  • Print Check Types to Include: A – All, E – EFT, C – Paper Check (For Print Checks Module)

    • In the Print Paystubs Module (under Office Tools) you are able to print paystubs for users who have opted out of paperless (see above ‘Allow paperless opt-out’). This setting will allow you to limit if EFT or Paper checks, or both.

  • Show Earnings from across companies based on logged-in user’s SSN (regardless of Employee #)

    • If you have users who have worked in multiple companies but do not have the same employee number for each user, turn this setting on to allow them to see their earnings in all companies by comparing social security numbers.

    • NOTE: User MUST be only active in one company

  • Timecard SSRS Report Override

    • If you wanted to replace the timecard Report (time cards submitted and time cards processed) with one that you edited, place the filename here.

  • Total Compensation SSRS Report override (include .rdl in filename)

    • If you wanted to replace the compensation Report with one that you edited, place the filename here.

  • Use Local KDS T-4 Version (only if you are on viewpoint version 6.9)

  • Use T4 report from v6.11

  • Viewpoint T4 Report ID:

  • Viewpoint W2 Report ID – Employee Copy C Only

        • Report ID is found in Reports, Programs, PR Report Titles (Portal Default is: 862)

  • Viewpoint W2 Report ID – Full Copy (B,C,2)

        • Report ID is found in Reports, Programs, PR Report Titles (Portal Default is: 863)


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