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The Keystyle Employee portal is a web application that communicates directly with your Viewpoint database. It is installed in two parts:

  1. A small logic database to store the Employee Portal procedures and unique data.
  2. An IIS hosted web application to serve the application interface.


Database Server

The Keystyle logic database is deployed on the same SQL instance as your Viewpoint database.  The database is created during the initial setup process.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or greater
Additional Free Disk Space: 1GB

A SQL DBMail account and profile must be configured if automatic email notifications are enabled.


Web Application Server

ASP.NET Platform (Web Application Server role)

  • IIS 7.0 or greater
  • .NET Framework Version 4.5
  • Free Disk Space: 1GB

The web application can be installed on the Viewpoint server for smaller (< 100) user deployments, or set up on a separate server for larger environments or when additional separation is desired. 

As a general sizing guide for a 200 person company utilizing standard portal functionality, including timecards, KDS recommends 2 cores, 4-8 GB RAM.  As the majority of load is IO between the database server and web server, a solid connection between the two servers is highly recommended for optimal performance.

Additional hardware requirements dependent on user load, and specific module use cases.  KDS to refine specifications through implementation process with customer.


Additional Server Requirements

Please install these prior to our scheduled installation meeting.


  1. Install all of the Server Roles (knowledgebase)

  2. If SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2012 or later is not installed on your target IIS server, please install the following SQL Data Tier Application prerequisites:

    2012 - 64 Bit download, 32 Bit download
    2014 - 64 Bit download, 32 Bit download
    • dacframework.msi
    • SQLSysClrTypes.msi

      PLEASE NOTE: If installing a linked server make sure that:
               1) SQL Server Standard is installed and not SQL Server Express
               2) Collation is Latin1_General_Bin
               3) Extended Configuration for Linked Server (knowledgebase)

  3. Install the SAP Crystal Reports Runtime (64 Bit download, 32 Bit download)

  4. Install Report Viewer 2012 (download)

  5. Create an Active Directory User to act as an IIS Application Pool Service Account. This step is required if you use File Directory storage for documents in Viewpoint (the user will need access to the Viewpoint file repository)

    PLEASE NOTE: If Keystyle Data Solutions is installed on a server within a DMZ and attachments are stored in a file system, the Active Directory/Service Account must be able to access the directory where the Viewpoint Attachments live.

  6. Have SMTP mail credentials available during the installation: (Knowledgebase Article)

  7. Have your SSL Certificate ready for external access (Knowledgebase Article)

  8. Please have the Payroll Company and Employee numbers of the individual(s) who will be admins/part of the implementation process. 


Additional Notes

Will the Windows user performing the installation have an Active Directory SQL user with the sysadmin role? If not, please be ready with SQL sysadmin login credentials during Installation.

Would you like your users to log in using their Active Directory username and password?  If so, please have the following information available:

  • your Domain Name
  • a valid LDAP connection string (or, at the minimum an IP Address of a Domain Controller) 


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