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Corresponds with V: 1.8 of the Portal





  • AP APPROVERS: Approvers in the portal are the same approver’s set-up in viewpoint. (HQ Reviewer Group).

    • Check that each User in HQ Reviewers has a VA User Profile User name (User name tab)

    • Make sure that the VA User Profile includes the HR Employee Details (see picture below). If not they will not be able to see the Invoices they are assigned to. (Additional Resource LINK)

  • INVOICE TYPE: Each Type should have a reviewer or reviewer group assigned in the location indicated below:

    • JOB is assigned from the JC Job Master

    • INVENTORY is assigned by the location’s reviewer group

    • EQUIPMENT is assigned by the EM Department’s reviewer group

    • EXPENCE is assigned by GL Account

    • EM WORK ORDER is assigned by Equipment which is EM Department

    • PURCHASE ORDER is assigned through the job the purchase order was assigned to

    • SUB CONTRACT (SL) is assigned from the Job



LOCATION: Admin, Portal Settings, Review AP Invoices

  • AP Companies to Enable in the Portal

  • AP Line Items Can be deleted?

  • Allow AP Only Access if No Other Permissions Are Assigned

    • Allows users who don’t have any other modules, but have AP permissions from Viewpoint, to be able to log-into the portal

  • Allow Amount to be edited in AP Invoice Header

    • By turning on this feature employees can edit the invoice total

  • Allow Hold Code to be edited in AP Invoice Review

    • By turning on this feature employees can edit or add a hold code to the Invoice

  • Are notes required for invoice rejection?

  • Disable Required Fields on AP Line Items Edit

  • Disable line type change on AP items

  • Enable AP Unapproved Invoice Review

  • Enable Add Attachment Functionality in AP

    • This will allow users to upload pictures/documents to the invoice

  • Enable Add Line Item Function

  • Enable Line Item Editing

    • This allows the User is able to change everything in the line item (Amount, SL , Description etc… )

  • Enable Pay App Update

    • This is a Paid when Paid option. It will require a user defined field in viewpoint in order for this to work. Your Keystyle team can help you set-up if required.

  • Hide Retainage, Tax, and Misc Amounts on Edit

    • If you do not want your reviewers to be able to see Retainage, tax and Misc Amounts when they edit the line type, select this.

  • Include Time and User in Notes Added to Invoices

    • When a user enters notes it automatically includes the date and time and the User Name

  • Invoice Line Item detail must equal the header total prior to approval

  • Line Items to Enable in the Portal (comma separated)

    • List out which Line type you will want available in your portal:


  • List of companies to enable to AP Check Review Portal

    • Add in the companies you would like to be available in AP Check Review [Office Tools, AP Check Review]

  • On Cascade approval, should the current sequence be set as approved?

    • If multiple users are at the same approval level in viewpoint, when one user approves the invoice, it approves for all.

  • Post Reviewer Notes to Header

    • The notes will be added to the Invoice Header and not just each line item in viewpoint. Once saved the notes will also show in the header in the portal.

  • Prevent Changes to Units and Amounts on Invoice Edit Windows

  • Reason Codes To Include In AP Rejection (Leave Blank to Include All)

    • Reason Codes are found in HQ Reason Codes

  • Restrict AP Approvers in the Portal to Only Members of This Reviewer Group

    • Leave Blank to include all reviewer groups

  • Show Due Date or Invoice Date on AP Invoice Grid

    • D = Due Date, I = Invoice Date

  • Show Notes on AP Index

    • This allows the notes to show on the first page when you go into AP Invoice Review

  • Show Pay Terms on AP Index

    • This allows the Pay Terms to show on the first page when you go into AP Invoice Review

  • Simple Approval Mode (hide “Charge To” and Item # on AP item Grid)

    • EX:


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