Editing timecards if you've already processed your batch

Keystyle Support Team -

If you mistakenly process a timecard batch and need to bring the timecards back into the portal for editing, please follow these steps:

  1. In the portal, navigate to Office Tools > Timecard Dashboard

  2. Select the pay period for which you wish to retrieve the timecards

  3. Select Batch Action > 'Open New Batch'

  4. Open Viewpoint > Payroll > Programs > PR Timecard Entry

  5. Select the batch that was just opened in the portal.

  6. With the batch open, navigate to File > Add Timecard.

  7. Use the Viewpoint dialog to select the processed timecard lines that you want to bring back into the portal batch.  Once satisfied, click "Add To Batch".

  8. The batch you opened in Step 3 should now have the processed timecard information. 
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