Creating the KDSUser Service Account in Vista

Keystyle Support Team -

If you use employee data security in Vista, a user with payroll data security permissions needs to be created.

  1. In Vista, navigate to Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile
  2. Select the Grid Tab and scroll to the bottom of the form

  3. Enter KDSUser at the bottom of the User Name column and in the User column to the right. Select save at the top of the form.
  4. You will be prompted with the following dialogue. Select no.

  5. Navigate to Payroll > Programs > PR Group Master and select the Grid tab.
  6. For all payroll groups you wish to use in the portal, select the payroll group and then select the Group Security tab

  7. Select the VPUserName field and press F4. Select KDSUser from the pop-up window. Select Save in the form and repeat for all other payroll groups to be included in the portal.

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