Dependents Set-Up Documentation

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Corresponds with V: 1.8 of the Portal


LOCATION: Admin, Portal Settings, Dependent Requests

  • Dependent Header Custom Text

    • This will show at the top of the Dependent’s Page (Step 2)

  • Enable Dependent Updates In the Portal?

    • This will allow Dependents to be updated in both Benefits and outside of benefits.

  • New Dependents require attachment documentation

  • Remove HR Employee Benefit Lines on Dependent Delete

    • If selected, when user deletes a dependent, the dependent will be removed from all associated Benefit line items


  • Manage Personal Information Settings

    • Go to Admin drop down, Personal Info Settings

      • To select fields to add to Dependents select HR Dependents under the Module field.


      • HR Dependent Fields will appear in Dependents Section [Employee tools, Update Dependents]

EX: How Fields look on saved dependents


EX: How Fields look when adding new dependent


NOTE: Dependents can also be entered through the Benefits module during open enrollment or a life event.



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