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Portal Settings

  • Enable Bulleting Functionality on Front Page

    • This will turn on Announcements on the front page of the portal (when users log-in). If you have not created any announcements none will appear.

    • NOTE: On Version 61 this setting is found in “Administration/Initial Set-up

  • Enable Documents Library (separate license)

    • This turns on the Document Library Add on feature. If you haven’t already contact Keystyle for pricing.

  • Report server Database Name

  • Report Viewer Username

  • Report Viewer Password

  • Report Viewer URL


Adding a Bulletin Admin

A Document Library admin will be able to manage Library Categories, Employee Groups, Create Company Announcements, Library Items and Documents for Signatures/Acknowledgement

Go to Admin, Manage Approvers. Add “Bulletin Admin” permission to an existing Administrator OR add a new Administrator.

NOTE: The PR Company and PR Group restrictions do not apply for the Document Library. If your user is only granted access for a specific PR Company and PR Group they will only be able to create items and groups for all.


Managing Employee Groups:

To access this page select “Manage Employee Groups” from Office Tools Dropdown.

NOTE: You can also access this page from the document dashboard and when creating a document or Library Category.

To add a new group select add, type in the group name, and click add again.

  1. Employee Group: This is the name of your employee group

  2. View Membership: If you would like to check your viewership click “View Membership” and a list of who is in your group will appear to help you.

  3. Group: TEXT

    1. Rename your Group name

    2. Defining your group: By using these tools you can add or remove users from your viewership:

      1. PR Company:

      2. Group Type: You can narrow down your search by selecting PR Group, Earn Code, Craft, PR Department, Craft/Class

      3. Group Value: Once you’ve selected your Type you will be able to select what value within that type you would like to add or remove from your group.

EX: Earn Code may have Regular Time and Salary.

  1. Add/Exclude Specific Employees: If there are any users you would like to add to your viewership or remove from your viewership select their name and choose “Is Included” or “Is Excluded” and add.


Manage Library Categories:

To access this page select “Manage Library Categories” from the Office Tools Dropdown.

NOTE: You can also access this page in the Document Dashboard and Manage Reports.

To add a new category select add, type in the name of the category you wish to add (1a), then pick a type (1b). In this page you can create a Library Item or a Report Category:

Once you’ve created your Category you can:

  1. Rename your Category name

  2. Select Employee Group:

    1. You may either add a new group by clicking add and then following the steps above or select an employee group that has already been created.

    2. You may enter multiple groups as well as delete groups


Document Dashboard:

You can access the Document Dashboard from the Office Tools Dropdown

In this page you can review, edit, delete and create new items. You can also access the Library Categories and Employee Groups from this page.

Company Announcements:

Company Announcements show up on the main page of the portal. The Headline, Thumbnail and Thumbnail text will appear on the main page, users will be able to select the announcement to see all items included in the Body text. Company Announcements do not use employee groups, so they will show up for everyone.

When creating a company announcement you are required to have a Headline and Body Text. You can also choose to add a thumbnail picture and text.



  • Document (Read Required) – Documents that are read required will have an “Acknowledge” button at the bottom of the page. Only after they have hit that button will the portal mark that it has been read.

  • Document (Signature Required) – Documents that require a signature will have a signature at the bottom of the page. Only after they have submitted their signature will the portal mark it as signed.

    • Documents Requiring Your Attention - When a user has a document to read or sign they will have a notification on the main page telling them they have documents to review.

They can click this notice and it will take them to “My Library”. Documents awaiting their review will show up in a section titled “Documents Requiring Your Attention” at the top of the page and will remain there until users have either acknowledged the document or signed the document.

Documents that have already been signed or acknowledged will show up in their “Documents Archive”

    • Tracking your Document - By selecting “Track” on your document’s dropdown you can see who has responded to your document. If it is an “acknowledge only” you will see the date they responded, if a signature is required you will see that signature. You may also download your list as a CSV file.


Library Items:

Library items will show at the top of their “My Library” Page. Library items are either a URL to another site OR a document for them to download. You may only select one attachment per library item. The user will be able to click on the headline to download or go to the website.

When creating a Library Item you will need to select the Category that the Library Item will be shown under (employee groups are assigned under the category).


Manage Reports:

To access this page go to the Office Tools Dropdown and select “Manage Reports”. In this page you are able to add new reports and edit current ones.

To create a new Report select “Add New” on the Report Index Page

Create the Report Name and then select the Core Report and the Report Category and then select “Save Changes”

NOTE: the core reports are pulling from your report server contact Keystyle support ( for set-up assistance.

  1. Show Parameters Pane: Allows employees to modify perameters when the report is run.

  2. Parameter Name: This is the name of the perameter that is defined in the SSRS report. These are pulled in automatically from the report and cannot be adjusted in the portal.

  3. System Default: You can choose that

    1. Users’ Employee: Employee number of the currently logged in user.

    2. User’s AuthToken: The current log-in unique key for the current user’s session. This can be used to pass the logged in users credentials to a report

    3. User’s PRCo: Logged in employee’s PR Company Number

    4. Fixed Value: Allows for a hard coded default

  4. Default Value: This section is for the fixed value option only. Enter the fixed value for that field.


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