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Portal Settings

Assigning a Bulletin Admin

Adding a Bulletin

Portal Settings

LOCATION: Admin, Portal settings, Bulletins

  • Enable Bulleting Functionality on Front Page

    • This will turn on Announcements on the front page of the portal (when users log-in). If you have not created any announcements none will appear.

    • NOTE: On Version 61 this setting is found in “Administration/Initial Set-up

Assigning a Bulletin Admin:

A bulletin Admin is able to add, edit and delete bulletins. Bulletin Admins will have access to the Document Dashboard.

To assign your Bulletin Admin go to “Admin” from your navigation bar and select “Manage Approvers”.

Adding a Bulletin:

Select “Office Tools” from your navigation bar and then select “Document Dashboard”.

To add a new company bulletin, click the “Add New” button on the Document Dashboard.

  • Fill in the required fields and any additional fields and the select SAVE.

  • Announcements will appear on the main log-in page of the portal for every user

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