Windows Authenticated Login without VA User Profile

Keystyle Support Team -

If you’d like to enable Windows Authenticated Login for employees without creating a VA User Profile for them as well, follow these steps for a custom login.

  1. In 'Admin' > 'Portal Settings' > 'Security/Login', update the Company Login Choices setting to either 2 - Windows Only, or 3 - Both (Employee Number and Windows)

  2. In 'Admin' > 'Portal Settings' > Security/Login, update the settings for LDAP Domain (i.e. DOMAIN from DOMAIN\Username) and LDAP Path. For the LDAP path, the typical value here will be the IP Address of a Domain Controller in the format LDAP://

  3. In Viewpoint, create a custom field on the Form HR Resource Master. Set up this field in the following format: DOMAIN\Username.

  4. In 'Admin' > 'Portal Settings' > 'Security / Login' section, update the 'User Defined Field Name on HR Resource Master To Store Domain Username' setting the name of the field created in step 3.

  5. When users log into the portal, they should enter their Username without the domain. The domain will be automatically added and validated against the custom field in HR Resource Master. The portal will look at the PRCo and Employee identified on the HR Resource Master form to identify the employee.

  6. In Admin > Portal Settings, click the Refresh Synonyms button. Once these are refreshed, users should be allowed to login to the portal.

For other configuration scenarios (sub domains, non-standard user names, etc.) please contact Keystyle support - we'd be happy to walk you through the set up process.

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