Configuring SMS / Text Message Pay Stub Notifiers

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The portal can distribute SMS messages to your employees as a simple paystub notification.  The text message will include Net Pay, Gross Pay, and a link to access the portal.  The employee's cell phone is pulled from the PR Employee "Cell Phone" field.

Adding Carriers to PR Employee File:

To configure the portal for this feature, we need to track the cell phone carrier for each employee as a user-defined fields within Viewpoint.  

  1. Create a User Defined Combobox in Viewpoint with the values for each of your carriers.  The database value should be the "Email to SMS" address (available from your carrier and well documented online).  The Display Value can be set to the Carrier Name and does not need to be in any special format.  
  2. Here is a website that contains most of the carriers in the US. SMS Gateways

  3. In the VA Custom Fields Wizard, create a User Defined Field on PR Employees called "udCellPhoneCarrier", with text type, approximate length 100 characters.  
  4. Be sure to select ComboBox for the control to use.
  5. And then select the combobox you made in step 1.
  6. You can place this field on whichever tab is most convenient for you on PR Employees. 

  7. From the portal, head to Admin > Portal Settings, and "Refresh Synonyms".  Please note that this should be done at non-peak hours because the portal may be unavailable momentarily during the refresh.
  8. You will then need to add the Mobile Carrier in the Admin > Personal Info Settings. 
  9. In the Personal Info Settings, select the udCellPhoneCarrier from the dropdown and click Add To Portal. 
  10. Fill out the information shown in the picture below. 

Sending SMS Notifications:

  1. Confirm that the employees to be notified have the UD field for Cell Phone carrier populated in their PR Employee file.  This field is required because each carrier's Email to SMS address is slightly different.

  2. Once populated, navigate to Office Tools > Paystub Tools.  Select the company, payroll group, and pay period to notify.  Only pay periods with checks will appear.

  3. Click the "SMS Notification" button.  A window will appear confirming your pending notification.  Click "Send", and a results screen will appear indicating the success / failure for each employee in the group.

  4. That's it.  To redistribute, simply click the button again or select a different PR Group / Period to notify.
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