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Administrators can now create employee groups.  These groups are used throughout the portal and allow the membership to be setup dynamically.  The Employee Group page is only accessible by timecard admins and bulletin admins.  Follow the steps below to create an employee group.


  • Navigate to Office Tools > Manage Employee Groups
  • Select a group from the drop down or click the green Create New Group button
  • Enter a name for the group and click the green Add button
  • Use the drop downs in the Group area to specify which employees should be included in the group
    1. Select a PR Company
    2. Select a Group Type (PR Group, Earn Code, Craft, PR Department, Craft / Class)
    3. Select a Group Value 
    4. Choose if employees that meet the above criteria should be included or excluded from the group
    5. Check the filter out inactive employees to make sure inactive employees are not included
    6. Click the Add blue button
    7. To review which employees are part of the group click the yellow button View Membership


You can also manually include or exclude employees by using the grid below.  These employees will be included or excluded from the group created in the above specifications.

In the example shown in the above images, a Sheet Metal Works group was created.  The membership includes all Craft / Classes in company 1 with the addition of Alan Miller, Alex Fortuine, but excludes Angela Ackerman.


This feature allows for advanced users to construct custom user group definitions using a SQL query. The query should be formatted in order to complete the following insert statement: 

UserGroupMemberPersist (UserGroupID, PRCo, Employee, EmployeeName)

For instance, to show all inactive employees in PR Company 3, you can write the following query: 

SELECT 2, PRCo, Employee, FirstName + ' ' + LastName

from Viewpoint.dbo.bPREH

where PRCo = 3 and ActiveYN = 'N'


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