I am having trouble with some benefits not showing up in the portal.

Keystyle Support Team -

There are a number of reasons why your benefit codes are not showing up in the portal or not showing up for the correct employees. We encourage you to see the article Benefits Set-Up Documentation to make sure you have set up your benefits correctly.

If you still cannot find the reasons your benefit codes are not showing up, let's check these four common problems and go over how to correct them.


Step 1: Make sure the missing Benefit Codes are listed in your HR Benefit Codes grid in Viewpoint.

    • If your Benefit Codes are missing in Viewpoint then they will not be in the portal. Please see the Benefits Set-Up Documentation on how to do this correctly.



Step 2: Make sure the Benefit Type is selected on the Info tab for the missing Benefit Codes.

    • If you are missing the appropriate Benefit Type, see the Benefit Set-Up Documentation to learn how to create it.



Step 3: Make sure the Benefit Codes are in the correct Benefit Group in the form HR Benefit Groups.

    • You will also need to make sure that the employee you are testing is in the correct Benefit Group as well.



Step 4: If the benefits are still not showing up, go to the HR Benefit Codes form and double check the                  Deduction / Liabilities tab. Go to the Frequency column and make sure you have entered the                    correct code.


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