My Attachments Aren't Working!

Keystyle Support Team -

If you are not able to view, upload, or delete attachments in the portal, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Is the Portal Set-Up with the Correct Attachment Database?
(If your Vista attachments are stored in a database)

  1. In the portal, navigate to Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup
  2. Find the setting "VPAttachments Database Name" and verify it's value is the correct database name (e.g. If you store attachments in the Viewpoint database, enter "Viewpoint").
  3. Navigate to Admin > Portal Settings and click the button to "Refresh Synonyms" on the right hand side, followed by Proceed".

Check Permissions in Viewpoint

  1. In Viewpoint > VA User Profile make sure that the Keystyle Service Account has a user profile created (the service account is typically KDSUser). The VPUserName must match the service account and is case sensitive.  If you are prompted to link the profile to a SQL login select no.

  2. If Job, Contract, or Employee data type security is enabled, confirm that the Keystyle User Profile has been assigned to all necessary security groups that will be used in the portal.

  3. If Payroll Group Security is enabled, navigate to Payroll > Programs > PR Group Master, select the Group Security tab, and assign the Keystyle Service Account to each PR Group that will be enabled in the portal.  

Check Permissions in SQL Server Management Studio

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Expand the database that stores your Viewpoint attachments.
  3. Expand Security > Users; right click the Keystyle Service Account and select Properties. 
  4. In the left hand panel, select Securables.
  5. Under User name and on the right select "Search".
  6. Select "All objects of the types..." and click "OK".

  7. In the following pop up window select "Stored Procedures" and then "OK".
  8. Under "Securables:" find vspHQAFInsert.
  9. Make sure the Grant checkbox is checked for the Execute Permission. Click "OK"

Service Account File System Permissions
(If you are using a File System instead of a Database for Attachments)

Make sure the Keystyle IIS Service Account (the account running the application pool that the Keystyle web app has been assigned) has modify permissions to the Viewpoint Attachment Repository.


Applies to: W4, W-4's, Daily Reports, Personal Information, AP Invoice Review, Issues, Unapproved, Earnings, Expenses, Check Review

If you are still unable to upload or view attachments after these steps, please contact Keystyle Support.

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