How do I set up my Report Library?

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The Report Library integrates directly with your SQL Reporting Services instance to make your reports directly available in the portal.  To set up this link and enable the Report Library, please follow these steps:

Report Server Setup Instructions

  1. Navigate to Admin > Portal Settings > Documents and Bulletins

  2. Fill in the portal settings as follows:

    Report Server Database Name:  By default, the name of your report server database is 'ReportServer'.  If the Report Server Database lives on the same SQL Server / Instance as the KDS-HRIM database, fill in this setting with the database name.  If the SSRS Instance is separate from your Keystyle instance, configure the linked server and enter the qualified database name (i.e [MyLinkedServer].ReportServer - the casing on your linked server must match the linked server as is)

    Report Viewer Username: Update this setting with a username you use to log into your report server. Keep in mind, the report library will inherit folder permissions from this user account. Specify a user that will have access to all the reports you wish to see in the portal.

    Report Viewer Password: Update the setting "Report Viewer Password" with the corresponding password to the username above.

    Report Viewer URL: 
    Update the setting "Report Viewer URL" with your reportserver URL. The format for the URL is typically http://ServerName/ReportServer.

  3.  On the web server where Keystyle is installed, navigate to the directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Keystyle Data Solutions\Keystyle Data Solutions\HRIM\Config

  4. Edit the Settings.config file with Notepad:

    If the following text is NOT at the bottom, copy and paste it in: 

    <!-- Required by Microsoft ReportViewer control -->
    <add key="MvcReportViewer.AspxViewer" value="~/MvcReportViewer.aspx" />
    <add key="MvcReportViewer.AspxViewerJavaScript" value="~/Scripts/MvcReportViewer.js" />
    <add key="MvcReportViewer.ErrorPage" value="~/MvcReportViewerErrorPage.html" />
    <add key="MvcReportViewer.ShowErrorPage" value="True" />
    <add key="MvcReportViewer.EncryptParameters" value="True" />
    <add key="MvcReportViewer.LocalDataSourceProvider" value="MvcReportViewer.SessionLocalDataSourceProvider, MvcReportViewer" />

    The text file should have a similar format as in the screenshot below:

5.  As a System Admin in SQL Server Management Studio, map the Keystyle Service Account (typically "KDSUser") to the Report Server. To do this:

     a. In Object Explorer, expand Security > Logins, right click the Keystyle Service Account, and select     "Properties"


      b. In the following window, select "User Mapping" from the left hand panel. Under "Users mapped to this login:" find your Report Server Database and check the box under the Map column. Under "Database role membership for:" check the box by "db_datareader"


    c. Click "OK" to apply the permissions. 

6.  Back in the portal, navigate to Admin > Portal Settings.  Click the button to "Refresh Synonyms".

7.  Your report server should now be configured in the portal.  To confirm, go to Office Tools > Manage Reports > Add New.  Confirm your reports are available to select in the "Core Report" dropdown.

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