How to have your Embedded Videos Auto play!

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This is an article that will show you how to add a small piece of HTML code that will make your embedded videos start playing automatically.

In your Company Announcement, Documents, or other Library Items you will first want to find the you tube link to your video and copy it. 

Next you will want to click into the body section where you want to place your video and then click the Insert video button.


Once you click the Insert video button, you will see the following pop up.


Next, paste the link to your video and then click okay. Then click save.

You should see the video appear in the body of your library item.

To make your video autoplay, you will need to click the toggle html button.


Once you click it, you will see the embedding for your video look something like the following.

""<p><img class="ta-insert-video" src="" ta-insert-video="" contenteditable="false" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0"><br></p>""

To make it autoplay, copy the following text: ?rel=0&autoplay=1

Paste it right after the last youtube link in the HTML inside the links quotes. Then click save.

Your video will now auto play once the page loads!



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