How do I set up a reviewer in Viewpoint?

Keystyle Support Team -

Reviewers can be set up to approve Timecards, Invoices, and Jobs in the portal. To set up a reviewer please follow these steps in Viewpoint:


Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile

  1. If one does not exist already, create a VA User Profile for the reviewer. 
  2. All reviewers must have the PRCo and Employee fields filled in with their respective payroll Payroll Company and Employee number: 


HQ > Programs > HQ Reviewer

  1. Create the reviewer and select the "User Names" tab.

  2. Add the reviewer's VA User Profile under User Name:

HQ > Programs > HQ Reviewer Group

  1.  Find the Reviewer Group you wish to add the Reviewer to, and select the "Reviewers" tab:

  2. Add the reviewer created in "HQ > Programs > HQ Reviewer Group" as a reviewer:

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