Manage Timecard Roles

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The Manage Timecard Roles feature can be used to allow an employee group to enter or approve time for another employee group. This feature can be accessed by navigating to Admin > Manage Timecard Roles


Select an employee group and its relation to another employee group

  1. In the first drop down select the group that will have the access.
  2. In the second drop down designate a behavior (Can Enter For or Can Approve For)
  3. In the last drop down select the group the behavior will apply to. 
  4. Click Add.  The permissions should be immediately active in the timecard.

In the screenshot above, all members of the "Project Managers" Group will be able to enter in time for all members of the "All Members" group. 

To allow Project Manager's to approve time for the "All Members" group, another line would be added:

To learn about Employee Groups, please reference this article: Manage Employee Groups


As always, please contact KDS support with any additional questions.



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